Why a vote for Lalu is a vote for Liberal India.

Bihar results are out and the voters have given a resounding victory to Mahagathbandhan of honest Lalu Yadav, humble Nitish Kumar and liberal Congress. There has never been such a decisive verdict in support of honesty and liberalism since Pandit Nehru last won an election.

Lalu Yadav’s victory is particularly pleasing for us since it brings so much hope for our liberal ideas. We explained it further in the 5 points below.

  1. Lalu Yadav’s call for a Forward vs Backward battle during campaigning was a defining moment for us. It clearly showed that Lalu ji wants Bihar to move forward. That is what liberalism is all about. Moving from old regressive ideas to illuminating liberalism.
  2. By giving election tickets to only 2 of his children, Lalu Yadav has decisively moved away from dynasty politics plaguing India. Such positive gestures must be appreciated and welcomed in a liberal India.
  3. Lalu Yadav has always backed entrepreneurship and created jobs whenever he has been in power. Whether its kidnapping for ransom industry, musclemen industry or even film industry, they have all thrived during his tenure and we don’t see this changing this time either. A liberal India is impossible till we have jobs for all and Lalu raj should provide those in abundance.
  4. The journey from prison to the most influential person in Bihar is the stuff of fairytales. He suffered the hardships inside the prison, like Mahatma Gandhi did and then worked hard to reach where has today. It won’t be wrong to call Lalu Yadav a modern day Mahatma.
  5. Lalu Yadav also forced us to look within and correct ourselves. Best friend is the one who tells you the truth on your face. When Lalu Yadav called us haramzada media, we had to introspect and correct ourselves. A tolerant India means you accept genuine criticism and correct ourselves instead of lashing out. Modi ji can learn from us on how to take genuine criticism.

Three cheers to progressive, liberal, honest politics of Lalu Yadav. Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray!


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