Aryan Jakhar is an Indian Journalist born on July 10,2001. He is a founder of The Shining Media and Business Headline. He write some opinions and articles on OpIndia's MyVoice.

The case for demonetizing Rs. 2000 notes in India today: A step towards a transparent economy

In this opinion article, we explore the potential benefits of demonetizing Rs. 2000 notes in India today.

BJP’s strategic move to woo dominant castes in Karnataka sparks excitement and speculation ahead of elections

The BJP has recently intensified its efforts to secure the support of the Vokkaliga community, a traditionally loyal voter base of the Congress and…

Artificial Intelligence: The potential job killer

AI-powered automation can perform routine and repetitive tasks more quickly and accurately than humans, reducing the need for manual labor.

Social media is ruining everyone’s life, here’s how

It comes as no surprise that 76% of internet users have a social media account of some kind given that the majority of people…