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State of Bihar in pitiable state

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The political leaders of Bihar and their murky leadership is getting immensely heavy and harsh to their innocent natives with no sign of relief or empathy. Mr. Chief Minister resembles the famous character “Gajodhar bhaiya” coined by veteran comedian Lt.Sh.Raju Srivastava. Gajodhar bhaiya with jabbering noise and numbed public comments sprouting as obtuse comicalness character with no sense of benevolence.

Chief Minister Saheb instead of coming up with a feasible solution to combat the illegitimate trade of poisonous liquor and safeguard the lives of their natives, publicly asserted that “No compensation will be given to people who died after drinking…We have been appealing — if you drink, you will die… those who talk in favor of drinking will not bring any good to you…” in another statement, he irresponsibly stated “Piyoge toh maroge (Those who drink spurious liquor will die)”.

Three major hooch incidents were reported in this year- 22 deaths in Bhagalpur on March 22-23; 20 deaths in Gopalganj on November 2-3; and 15 deaths in Gopalganj again on November 3-4. NHRC has also underlined the failure of the State Government to implement its policy of prohibition of the sale and consumption of illicit liquor in Bihar. 

The CM saheb instead of being mournful and showing remorse to the family members of the deceased heartlessly made the insentient statement in the media. The government completely failed in tacking bootleggers, and it seems that they are being backed by some powerful entity due to which they function fearlessly. 

The crime rate is shockingly increasing. In November 2022, a murder in Karbigahiya wholesale market located adjacent to Patna Junction made the local traders furious. They claimed that Patna is no longer a safe place for traders. A similar incident occurred in Danapur where a gang barged into a shop with weapons, ferociously attacked the owner, and took away valuables at gunpoint. The situation in Arrah is even worse as more than 11 murders took place in a short span of 14 days. 

Even today bootleggers are openly operating in this state without any fear of law and order, instead parallel economy in Bihar is unprecedently rising, and the bootleggers are massively flourishing and earning fortunes without any hindrance. The Hight of daringness is quite evident from incidents that occurred in past months wherein bootleggers brazenly attacked police officials and excise administrators. 

It’s not only about the illicit liquor trade, the state of Bihar is bleeding in all social aspects with no kindness to its inhabitants. In another incident, the women of Bihar were brutally traumatized, as they cried in excruciating and unbearable pain. Their hands and feet were held tightly as the doctors surgically sterilized them cold-heartedly. At least, 23 women were forced to undergo tubectomy, without anesthesia. The shameless and callous act of medical negligence was committed by hardhearted medical practitioners in open daylight without any fear of law and order. Surprisingly, the health minister instead of taking responsibility and prompting instantaneous action against the culprits chooses to sideline himself from this controversy. 

The corruption in this State is crossing all limits, on June 25, 2022, a team of vigilance raided the house of a government official who was designated as a drug inspector in Patna, they found more than 4 crores of cash overstuffed in the mattresses. The drug inspector also reportedly owns 27 properties. Not only government servants are in the headlines but also ministers are being arraigned. Bihar agriculture minister Sudhakar Singh, against whom several corruption charges were leveled had to tender his resignation to preserve the repute of his party. 

The leaders of this State are full of pride

but underprivileged inhabitants are being deprived of Fundamental Rights.

The state of Bihar is a pitiable state

with lots of corruption, illicit trade, and raid.

No sign of respite and recognition of the elementary right

The present state of affairs seems to be less bright.

Dr. Sunklan Porwal

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