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Politics of Annamalai may be new to RSS but necessary for TN

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No sensible person in Tamil Nadu following the state politics closely will ever dare to dismiss the persona called Annamalai, let them agree or disagree to him is a different matter. Annamalai is definitely the future of TN if BJP and RSS provide all necessary support and freedom to him to function without any hindrance. BJP has been fighting ideological battle to a large extent until Modiji enters the fray.

Modiji brought new politics to India called development besides politics of ideology. Ideology can only help unite people but cannot win election and to make people to vote for BJP, the party once come to power must transcend poll promises to action and all the initiatives of the government must be transparent, transformative and must make the party in power seen as most reliable. Modiji has proved he is born honest, incorruptible and will live for India and its people. 

The rule of politics in Tamil Nadu is different and quite unique. Ideology is not the undercurrent of TN politics although it is spoken and believed so. DMK has ideology of separatism, promoting hatred and negativity and spreading political lies in a very well-articulated and orchestrated manner through its patronage of media (both and print and visual). Ironically the main opponent of DMK, the AIADMK has also used only the same toolkit called negative or hatred centric politics and the only difference is against DMK. 

Therefore, ideology or development were never the political rhetoric in TN. DMK has successfully developed several princely units where many of its second and third rank leaders and their family members are the rulers of those units and collectively all those princely units would support the emperor’s rule.

BJP in TN has been adopting ideological politics to a large extent which had never worked in the state.  The development rhetoric of BJP also could not resonate much because Kamarajar and MGR have done enough and more development in the state. The only politics that needed was to expose the corruptions of DMK, its dynastic politics with facts and figures, and reach the message to every nook and corner, especially from the pedestal of credibility and accountability. 

The best thing BJP has done in its political history is bringing Modiji to the national scene and projecting him as PM face. Modiji alone could change the political narrative with great level of believability. The other best deed of BJP is bringing Annamalai the TN politics and making him as the president of BJP, TN. Annaamalai is uniting people against dynastic politics and politics of corruption very forcefully by exposing the past and present misdeeds of DMK not just to score politically but to showcase to people how such misdeeds of DMK has ruined the state and the destiny of millions. Annamalai is quite simple, true to his words, always on ground zero, speaks with clarity, courage and also provide scientific data points to prove his points. He is so authentic, spontaneous, impromptu, well balanced and credible. 

The incarnation of Annamalai into Tamil Nadu politics has started to gift sleepless nights to most of the DMK leaders, they are utterly clueless to deal Annamalai phenomenon. The new age politics of Annamalai revolve over undeniable scientific facts which has started to churn all anti-DMK voters in TN who were otherwise dispersed into various fringe forces in the state.   

The mighty media forces of DMK in TN is also helpless because they have never dealt a leader like Annamalai in the past. All the weaponries and arsenals of DMK were long, spicy, juicy and sometime unmannered speeches. Dealing facts and figures, dynamism, courage and above all a person from very small background is quite new to DMK. Dealing another corrupt unit prince within the pary is easy for them because the party only has installed him or her as a unit prince under their rule. DMK has no weapon to attack Annamalai. Any amount of lies they try to spread can be easily verified in the digital era where the population of youth is all time high. 

Sometime the hardcore RSS and BJP ideologues may find it hard to digest the politics of Annamalai as he is setting the political ground for BJP to win than spreading the hardcore ideology of the party. Tamil Nadu can be transformed by BJP only when it comes to power and not through spreading its ideology.  Therefore, the rule of the game has to be changed and customized to defeat DMK.   

The politics of Annamalai is very simple, expose DMK, never allow to them ruin the state further, never allow them to swindle money from exchequer so automatically several unit princes will designate because for them power is meant to make money and if they cannot make money means the power is meaningless. The truth is same for the emperor also because the unit princes are duty bound to pay bribe tax to the emperor. 

Annamalai is chocking the neck of DMK from swindling the money from public exchequer. Then Annamalai is exposing every misdeed and also clearly telling people how such corruption would affect their life and future and time is up, people must mobilize against DMK.  

BJP and RSS must provide full support to Annamalai and also everyone who voice against DMK, so that more people will come to surface to support BJP. BJP must realize the truth that anti-DMK voters dominate the state politics and therefore uniting them under one umbrella even without any alliance partner is what Annamalai is aiming at and he is partly successful also.    

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