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Aggression, anger and Annamalai IPS, must for Tamil Nadu politics

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Annamalai, IPS, the state president of BJP is a stellar speaker, born orator of facts and figures, museum of every political minutes of last 70 years, a tireless leader, fearless, honest and an embodiment of Modiji, is gaining unconditional support, true love and acclaim of people of Tamil Nadu. DMK has lost its inner peace and the unquestionable space for rowdy-ism & corruption thanks to the IPS eyes of Annamalai, who is also the state president of BJP, the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu with reference to support of people, which will be proved soon.

In press briefing and reporters meet, Annamalai is very forthright and at times, ruthless to expose the agenda driven media reporters. Annamalai is angry and aggressive at the current state of affairs in TN due to DMK regime. 

Tamil Nadu politics require such aggression and anger because the media might of the DMK is quite strong and so are its street rowdy’s who are known mute every voice raised against DMK. Late Amma J Jayalalithaa took a very aggressive stand against DMK and won the admirations of people of Tamil Nadu and that is why she got elected twice in succession, making history in the state. She was always aggressive, never minced her words, was brave, forthright and kept every anti-DMK voter to her disposal. All those opposed to the nasty politics of DMK had seen Amma J Jayalalithaa as the only alternative to DMK and that is why no other fringe players in the state could shine for long. After her demise, AIADMK is disintegrating day by day and all those anti-DMK voters and AIADMK voters started to see the same aggression and braveness of Amma J Jayalalithaa in Annamalai and started to shift to BJP. 

Many people in the state are celebrating the entry of Annamalai to Tamil Nadu politics like celebrating Rama Navami or Krishna Jayanthi where both divine incarnations came to this land to annihilate demons like Ravana and Kamsa. Today people see Annamalai playing the same role in the state like how young Krishna killed the most powerful Kamsa, easily. Until Krisha does that, everybody thought Kamsa is invincible, especially for the small boy– Krishna. Like Kamsa who jailed the parents of Lord Krishna and killed all children as soon as they were born, DMK is also doing its best to damage the reputation of Annamalai, but that is not going work. Soon Annamalai will turns to become like Lord Krisha and would eliminate Kamsa from Tamil Nadu politics through the support of people.

People of Tamil Nadu are yawning for a change and have convinced fully that Annamalai alone can give salvation and liberty to the state from the corrupt dynastic force that is ruining the state. 

Like Modiji, Annamalai is seen by the people of Tamil Nadu as a leader of transformation and not as yet another political person doing political discourse for power. In every speech, press briefing and reporters meet, Annamalai shines like a star due to his clear and untainted vision for the state, transformative and actionable approach. He is angry and also equally aggressive. He has every right to be so because as he reflects the anger of millions of people of the state against DMK which has ruined the state completely, destroyed the destiny and future of many and made corruption and rowdy-ism, new normal in Tamil Nadu. 

Today DMK is totally clueless as how to deal the phenomenon called Annamalai. Annamalai is working hard to keep many facts and figures in his finger tip to deal the press people; most of them appears to be members of the sycophancy club of DMK.  

When he quoted the anecdotes of 1960’s to paraphrase the languages used by then M Karunanidhi in his political speeches, how filthy was the language of M Karunanidhi to describe the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, how he had described Kamarajar etc., to the media reporters, many got shocked and appeared apologetic for asking wrong question to Annamalai. In fact, Annamalai was not even born when M Karunanidhi had his worst politics in public display. Thanks to Annamalai, many youths are doing google search to learn more about the dirty politics of DMK and also their atrocities. 

Annamalai needs to continue the same steam because Tamil Nadu need a strong leader and not an alternative leader. A strong leader is defined as the one who is forthright, immaculate, honest and very aggressive towards corruption and DMK. The one how show courage to fight the Goliath (DMK) alone can be seen as strong leader. 

Central BJP and Modiji must give enough freedom and support to Annamalai and also to all those who support BJP and only through such security, BJP can expand in the state. The problem in TN is not the lack of support for BJP but fear of DMK, that impede the growth of BJP in the state.     

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