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Sad story of an evil Israeli Woke

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Fifty-third edition of International Film Festival of India was held from 20 to 28 November, 2022 in Goa. At the closing ceremony of the festival, Head of Jury Nadav Lapid said that all Jury Members were disturbed and shocked by the Indian film The Kashmir Files which was a propaganda and vulgar movie. He felt totally comfortable to openly share these feelings. Lapid further added that in the spirit of the festival, such critical discussion was essential for art and life.

Navad Lapid made such uncouth comments on the said film without any critical discussion. He uttered the two words in a hollow manner. It was a stupid and subjective comment on the part of Navad Lapid. It was as if, anybody could call Navad Lapid a terrorist without objectivity.

Navad Lapid used his position of Head of Jury to launch a brutal political attack on BJP ruled India via the movie The Kashmir Files. It appeared as if, Navad lapid was invited to insult the government of India. He had the audacity to make his said vicious remark about the film in presence of the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, Sri Anurag Thakur. He knew that the Minister would not cut him in to size for the Indian practice of Atithi Devo Bhava.

Ms Manidipa Mukherjee, the Managing Director of National Film Development Corporation, first proposed the name of Navad Lapid as Head of Jury for the festival officially. Navad Lapid, an Israeli Jew himself, was notorious for being a bitterly anti-Israel Woke. He was a proclaimed supporter of terrorist organization Hamas too. Navad’s name was later approved by Sri Apurva Chandra, Information and Broadcasting Secretary of India. Lack of initiative to check the background of Navad Lapid, before inviting him, was a major fault on the part of concerned Indian bureaucracy.

The Kashmir Files was an Indian movie based on the genocide and exodus of Hindus from Kashmir valley due to Jihadi attacks on them during 1990s. Navad Lapid initially thought that he could make such uncouth remark about the movie and get away easily. His Indian cohort also must have given him that assurance. But, severe backlash from Hindus of India, in the social media, made Navad Lapid very nervous.

While the Indian gang members of Navad Lapid like Saba Naqvi, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rana Ayyub and Swara Bhaskar et al were dancing at his immoral stupidity, Navad Lapid started giving half cooked and subjective clarifications from outside India. He could never explain on what criteria he had made such an uncivilised remark about the movie The Kashmir Files. On the contrary, he said that no one could specify such criteria. Lo and behold, there you have found your Woke Head of Jury.

It was clear that Navad Lapid had no understanding about the genocide and exodus of Hindus from Kashmir valley beyond the briefings he got from his Islamist-Woke friends. He never thought that his subjective and politically motivated remark would be challenged so severely by Hindu Indians.

First Navad Lapid said that the popular Hindu Indian reaction against him was cheap and politically motivated. Then he said that he would have made the film differently. Lastly, he cried against the phantom support for the film from the Indian Regime. By showing an absolute lack of empathy towards the hundreds of thousands of persecuted Hindus in the Kashmir valley, Navad Lapid has confirmed him to be a supporter of Islamic terrorism in India in general and Kashmir in particular.

Coming back to the basics, ‘vulgar’ meant something which was rude or likely to offend people and ‘propaganda’ meant information and ideas that may be false or exaggerated. But during the silly chatter of his last ten days, Navad Lapid has miserably failed to respond to the challenge of Vivek Agnihotri, the Director of The Kashmir Files, to show which scene of the movie was ‘vulgar propaganda’ and how?

The more subjective arguments Navad Lapid placed in support of his original remark, the more stupidly arrogant and hollow he looked. Lapid also could never explain with examples why The Kashmir Files was a ‘vulgar propaganda’ movie vis-à-vis Spielberg’s world-famous movie Schindler’s List. Following Lapid’s footsteps, anyone could say that Schindler’s List was a grade one ‘vulgar horror’ movie only. It is now up to the Indian Islamist-Woke gang to reject the fact of ethnic cleansing of Jews officially.

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