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How Hinduism is under the threat

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Most of the Indian Hindus are unaware of the assault that Hinduism has been subjected to from the followers of three ‘exclusive dogmas’, viz: Christian evangelism, Islam and Communism. Extending open support to these three entities with demeaning and abusing of Hinduism is “SECULAR” in India, but opposing these and talking good about Hinduism is highly “COMMUNAL”.

During Muslim rule, Hinduism was assaulted in a continuous manner for centuries. In the subsequent British rule, all the positive attributes and heritages of Hinduism were suppressed to establish White Supremacy for the colonial interest.

Many Hindus, even today, have not come out of that colonial hangover. Then after independence of India in 1947, Hindus have been discriminated vis-a-vis other religious minorities by the Indian state. Unlike minorities, Hindus do not have control over their places of worship and educational institutions in India. Hindus are not allowed to teach their religious scriptures in their schools.

Strangely enough in Secular India, there are Minority Commission and Ministry of Minority Affairs. The Government of India has many welfare schemes exclusively for minority communities including scholarships for minority students to read abroad. And of all, one minority community gets maximum benefits of this discriminatory system in the democratic secular country of India. This is such a minority who could truncate British India and create Islamic Pakistan in 1947 for being minority.

Since the Indian Constitution allows followers of all religions to preach, practice and propagate their religions, Indian Christian Missionaries are possibly the happiest evangelists in the world. Converting non-Christians to Christianity is a religious obligation of Missionaries. These Missionaries get huge foreign funds every year for conversion activities.

They have the concept of 10-40 window. It is the geographical space between 10 degree (North) and 40 degree (North) latitudes, where many non-Christian countries have higher chances for conversion. But as Muslim countries in the said window don’t allow Missionary activities, India, being a large, populous and stupidly secular country, is the softest target.

How many Indian Hindus have heard of Joshua Project Mission? One may just visit its official website to know what it is up to in India. There are dozens of such Christian Missions and NGOs which did maximum conversion in India during the last 70 years. All North-Eastern hilly states, except Arunachal Pradesh, have become Christian. Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Jharkhand, Kerala and Punjab are the main targets now. And conversion is occurring on and on.

Indian Islamists, on the other hand, have been encouraged with the mindset of entitlement by the Indian government since independence. They are the only visible ‘minority’ in India. Even after creation of Islamic Pakistan, they have registered their ever expanding, separate and distinct identity in the society and body politic of India during the last 7 decades.

Being numerically strong, they have developed thousands of mini-Islamistans across India. Different Islamic terrorist groups from within and outside are active in India. The agenda of Political Correctness of the Indian Left-Liberal-Secular gang has further strengthened the hands of these Indian Islamists in the name of minorities. Population explosion is an important tool for them to Islamize India.

Communists of India belong to the third category of entity which has launched assault on Hinduism. Communism could never make any major inroad into Indian politics with its ideology. It remained restricted in West Bengal, Tripura and Kerala.

But in the recent past, West Bengal and Tripura were almost cleansed of Communism. However, the ultra-left Maoists or Naxalites are trying to remain relevant in Indian politics through anti-Hindu activities and terrorism in a large tribal area across the country. The brains of these Communists are called Urban Naxals. They live in cities and towns and occupy positions in media, NGOs, academia, judiciary and even bureaucracy.  

‘Hinduism’ in India has been a living civilization for at least five thousand years. Its wisdom, inclusiveness, plurality and resilience withstood the test of time. It is the only major ancient civilization in the world, which has not died or could be obliterated by outside forces with repeated attacks and continuous persecutions during the last 1000 years. The main problem, faced by Christian Missionaries, Islamists and Communists, is their inability to run over Hinduism so far.

But they have been up and doing. They have adopted the time-tested way to destroy the Hindu civilization. That is, to continuously demean and abuse Hinduism and project it as the sole source of all social and moral evils in India. This formally started with Macaulay in 1835 and is still going on unabated. The tagline is Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy.

When the Christian West has failed to come out of racism, when the Muslim world has remained violently anti non-Muslims, when the Communist regimens have been the worst violators of human rights; how can this bunch of Christian Missionaries, Islamists and Communists has the gall to criticize and demean Hinduism?

Most of the common Indian Hindus are oblivious of this threat. Some do not take the threat seriously and rest play in the hands of Missionaries, Islamists and Communists for the hope of being labelled as “Intellectual” or for monetary and other incentives or for misplaced “ideology of secularism”. It is needless to say that all these three malignant entities get huge financial and ideological support from Christian, Islamic and Communist countries of the world.

If Hinduism does not survive, India will not survive too. So, revival and sustenance of Hinduism are now a must for the safety, security and progress of India. Choice rests with Indian Hindus only.

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