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Concept of Hindu communism

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You must be perplexed to learn about Hindu Communism. The concept was developed during the liberation struggle, but I believe it is still relevant today. Even in the 21st century, we see our Hindu society divided into multiple caste systems. Some Hindus are so orthodox that they do not want to mix with other Hindu communities. This division gives an undue advantage to the fringe elements of society, particularly the radicals belonging to a non Hindu community who haven’t digested much even after the partition of India on the basis of religion.

Now, this article is not going to emphasise the fringe elements, but creates an awareness on how to create a rigid Hindu ecosystem free of caste, color, language, economy, and so on.

The division of Hindu society has been specifically the varna system has even propounded the rebels who don’t want to count themselves or, i must say, they don’t call themselves Hindu being a Hindu. Politics based on caste, and voting for an MLA from the same caste, is the greatest betrayal a Hindu can commit to his motherland.

See, the Hindus only have Bharat in their hands. Either they can make it as strong as Israel or they can lose it in the hands of atheists and the fringe section of India.

In China, Communism has produced results by robbing civilians of much of their freedom and running the country in such a way that everyone is treated equally.

I am not proposing communism like that of China, but rather that this concept has to be accepted by every Hindu in India. This is not a rebel concept but rather a concept that shall promote unity of third largest religion in the world.

Let come back to our title, what does this model say? Its basically an instrument of class rule that serves to protect the legacy of Sanatan culture in coming generations.

A Draft Symbol of Hindu Communism

Being not too liberal and not too radical it has some standards where it lies.
Let’s find out some of those –

1- Hindu Communism takes your caste from your body to believe that you are only a Hindu. Nothing more, and nothing less than that.
2- Hindu communism punishes those who go against the concept of One India.
3- Hindu communism believes in the importance of education and the country to each and every citizen.
4- Women should be respected, motivated and made aware of the intention of non-Hindu radicals.
5- Crime committed by a woman or man has to be treated equally without any sense of emotion.
6- People should never adopt western culture.
7- Hindu communism promotes regional languages and prohibits English, Urdu, or any language that never originated in India.
8- Hindu communism believes in the existence of a brotherhood of Hindus.
9- Prayers are an important part of your routine.
10-End of category appeasements.
11-It’s a crime to abuse and mock the Sanatan culture.
12-Strict laws against traitors, criminals and atheists should be there.
13-Death penalty on conversion to non-Hindu community and rewards to accept Hinduism.
14-Ban anyone and anything who/which talks about one-sided brotherhood.
15-Reject anyone who is forcing you to believe in their faith.
16-Filter the propaganda information consumed in India through a development of a firewall as it is done in China

Such pointers under the model will promote and strengthen unity among all the Hindus under an umbrella of Hindu Unity.
There is still lot to modify and a lot to add in this model. But the main agenda was to introduce you to this unprecedented but surely effective concept specially in this era of instability created by some section of the society which doesn’t care and mocks the existing democratic system of India.

Courts and laws are a complete failure as seen in the recent case of Shri Nupur Sharma Case.
Though those were the personal views of the judges but we are not far behind the day when such attacking personal views are written in the court order too.
People joining the judiciary need a complete scrutiny of their background under the President of India.

This country has to follow major steps to unity Hindu through new the model of Hindu communism.

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