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There is more than Tea brewing in Darjeeling 

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PM Modis visit to Nepal might make strategic sense to some, but by overlooking an important internal matter, he might have unwittingly stirred a Hornet’s nest. A permanent political solution to the demand of a separate state within India – Gorkhaland.

The Hills of North Bengal post the Civic Body Elections which was won by the Hamro Party a new outfit, which has totally no experience in the field of administration and is a proxy of the State Government and have not made any difference ever since they won the Municipal elections.

Credible sources from the Intelligence bureau suggest that a payoff took place between the leader of the Haamro Party and Mamata Banerjee in order to muzzle the biggest threat to her agenda and ego. The leader of the GJMM-Bimal Gurung. The Hamro Party cannot even handle a small town, how are they going to handle a vast territory ask local residents. They have demonstrated little credibility even in cleaning up Darjeeling 2 months into winning the Municipal Elections.

It is high time that Delhi woke up to the fact that Darjeeling is positioned geographically facing International borders and the influx of illegal migrants from Bangladesh and the presence of increasing Kashmiris in Darjeeling and Kalimpong may pose a direct threat to National Security.

Looking within is as important as looking outward as the hills are about to simmer to stand up for a cause that is perfectly within the legal framework. 

Bimal Gurung today may be a fallen man but it may take only one spark to ignite him again.

The GTA elections need to be called off and New Delhi has to intervene as they make little sense without addressing the issue of Gorkhaland. The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Gurung’s party is not contesting the elections. which screams a question to New Delhi? 

Where have all the promises and manifestos vanished?

(The Author is a Neuro Surgeon based in New York, U.S.A)

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