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The emergence of the Prime minister of India-Narendra Modi as the world’s Leading stateman

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It is quite a long journey for India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There are more chapters yet to be written on his career. Most people know him to be coming from a humble origin (son of the soil). He began under adverse economic circumstances by working with his father at his “Railroad Tea Stand” in the state of Gujarat. This was to help his father in his effort to the sustenance of his family but he never lost a sight that he has to contribute to his motherland.

At a very younger age, he decided to join the “Bhartiya Janata Party” (a people’s party that believes in the ancient land and culture of India), he witnessed his meritorious rise in the party hierarchy, when his party was struggling to capture national presence when politically vindicative Congress party run by Congress anglophile Nehru banned them due to lone man act. Nehru being of Muslim origin wanted to ban every native political party that can challenge his power. This will go down in the history of independent India as the “last sins of Mountbatten and Mohandas Gandhi.”

He became Chief Minister of Gujarat and administered it very well. He prioritizes economic development and created a level playing field for everyone, even though he belonged to one of the “OBCD caste” and was entitled to special privileges granted by Nehru’s biased law, he never abused it.

The WIKI on Narendra Modi is full of hyperbole and lies and needs to be corrected by the IT group responsible for BJP and RSS. WIKI describes RSS as a paramilitary organization. Common, give me a break. They carry sticks for their march, even local police carry no guns. The mischievous elements are planting seeds of hate. WIKI is people generated information website. There is no oversight and anyone can plant information they like to see.

It was evident many years ago, that he had a great leadership trait as a chief Minister of Gujarat. He made the state’s machinery more productive, reduced corruption at all levels, and hired competent administrators and ministers. This was noticed then by former Prime Minister Vajpayee from the BJP party. How much that helped him during intra-party struggles for leadership several years later remains uncertain. His mass popularity and charisma helped him to be the top leader.

The partition of India as designed and approved by colonial Britain had several flows. However, the British were not the only ones to blame for this act. He had Indian freedom fighters who disagreed among themselves helping them. If the partition was to be created based on religion, then secularity is not an option and it cannot survive. Pakistan chooses Islam as a de facto state religion and was able to establish the Islamic Republic, associated with sharia laws that discriminate against women and other religions.

India, on the other hand, decided to maintain a secular constitution to reassure “pre-Islamic Indic” religions that existed in India for millennia like Jainism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and others. Many Indians who were converted to Islam elected to stay under the Indian constitution than migrate to other Islamic countries of their choice, perhaps rejecting the realities of harsh conditions imposed in a “sharia state”. This unnatural partition created unanticipated communal riots at a random interval between “militant Islamic faction” and non-Islamic communities of India.

One such event took place several years ago in Gujarat, unanticipated and spontaneous perhaps of foreign origin when a train carrying Hindu pilgrims was torched by Godhra Muslims for no reason than “hate” and that set up chain reactions that local law and orders agencies had a difficulty to contain due to wide-scale riots without the help of central force that was not coming.

Just the fact that Narendra Modi happened to be Chief Minister of other political parties, the ruling congress party try to exploit this unfortunate incident by blaming him and alleging that Narendra Modi was associated with this event. Why would the chief Minister of the State do that in his state? In his resume, it does not look good. He certainly had aspirations for higher public office. He had nothing to gain by looking “out of control.”

In the end, after several years of Investigations and judiciary oversight, Narendra Modi was vindicated and accusations were proven to be false and politically motivated. Since then, his reputation is continuously plundered by malicious propaganda launched by Islamic lobbies, Political Opponents, and foreign adversaries of India jointly conspiring to malign him.

Despite all these trials and tribulations, they were not able to stop his ascendancy. The more they tried to malign his image, the more strength he derived support from the entire India of all faiths. In the last decade, he has surrounded himself with bright and capable people in policy formulation, fiscal management, and social reforms that will advance India’s growth and reduce poverty. He has accelerated infrastructure construction and built a powerful army, air force, and Navy. He has improved India’s relations and cooperation with Moderate Muslim states like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. He has strengthened relations with all major powers in Asia, Europe, and America.

Despite border provocations, he has taken a cautious approach in dealing with two hostile neighbors. He has resorted to diplomacy but leaving all options on the table to repel aggressions. This is a wise strategy to bide some time until we develop the capacities. He has promoted industrialization and foreign collaboration with an emphasis on domestic production and capacity building. Anyone and everyone who want to Invest are welcome and are given a world standard package of relief and facilities. India has become a leading exporter of food, electronics, IT services, Diamond polishing, manufactured goods, and commodities.

His vision for advancing prosperity, environmental quality, and health improvement is well recognized and appreciated. India has a long road to travel but he is the man who will lead India to achieve her dreams. The world leaders are willing to listen to India’s voice and welcome India’s participation in multilateral forums.

Despite our difference in approach to Ukraine, President Biden recognizes the importance of India as a free and open society with similar world views and commonality between the two countries. President Biden said in a recently held Quad meeting after Prime minister Modi’s speech.

“Prime Minister Modi, it’s wonderful to see you again in person. The — and I thank you for your continuing commitment to making sure democracies deliver because that’s what this is about: democracies versus autocracies. And we have to make sure we deliver. We already accomplished a great deal, as was referenced earlier: cooperating on COVID-19 response and health security — more to do, to state the obvious; partnering on 5G and technology supply chains, technology standards-setting; and launching— our Quad Fellowship Program, which I think can make a difference, which we talked about earlier.

You know, shortly before Russia launched this invasion, my administration published our Indo-Pacific strategy to advance a free, open, connected, secure and resilient Indo-Pacific.” There are similar views by other world leaders. It is time that all Indians of all stripes and political affiliations detach from political discords of the past and rally behind a native-born world leader and a true visionary statesman.

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