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Hijab, a veil of tyranny and patriarchy, that still continues to oppress millions and millions of women all over the world. The controversy relating to Udupi Govt College, is the patient zero of a far greater disease that we have been ignoring for the last couple of years. That is Islamo-Leftism.

In the radical leftist social hierarchy, Islam is at the top of it. Because according to a social democrat, if you’re one of the have nots, you’re oppressed and good. And if you’re one of the haves, you’re the oppressor and a complete evil. The communists and socialists from the very beginning were fixated on the idea of the ‘oppressed minority’. They generally use this majority-minority duality as a strategy to forward their own political intentions.

Now let’s talk about radical Islamists, they are generally the most radical right wing people you can find on planet earth. They want women to wear a burka and remain within the four walls of the home and the social values of an Islamist is completely 180 degree from a social value of a socialist/communist. One is religious and the other hates religion to the extent the major communist dictatorships like China and Soviet Russia, they killed, oppressed and converted millions of Muslims into atheists. 

So, I think Islamo-Leftism is a coalition of the radical left and the radical right. It’s a relationship of convenience. It’s only the radical people that want the government to intervene in the minute of things. It’s only the radical people who want a complete revolutionization of the fundamentals of government.

Actually then, there are only three groups, the radicals, the left and the right. I identify myself as left, and I think you should too. We should continue this eternal dialogue between the left and the right, and find the right solution for both of us. I’m Yuvaraaj, signing off.

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