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Hijab row is an orchestrated one

एक व्‍यवस्‍थागत षडयंत्र है हिजाब विवाद… ऐसे हुआ खुलासा

शिक्षा संस्‍थानों में हिजाब पहनने की मांग तो इस षडयंत्र का एक पड़ाव मात्र है परंतु इनके भीतर अभी और कितना ज़हर भरा है, इसका अनुमान सहज ही लगाया जा सकता है।


I think Islamo-Leftism is a coalition of the radical left and the radical right. It’s a relationship of convenience. It’s only the radical people that want the government to intervene in the minute of things.

Hijab rights is like Gandhi and his Goat: Read how and why

The simple fact that a student is saying Hijab is more important than education is a cause for alarm. The fact that the kid has been brainwashed into believing that knowledge is not important but some arcane rule about covering up is, it is the time we stand up and say enough.

Hijab drama well played: A perfectly chosen timing just ahead of UP elections

The timing of the protest they chose, not so surprisingly, is just when seven states are going into assembly elections including Uttar Pradesh.

Hijab row- An orchestrated one

After seventy-five years of Independence, if the minorities do not join stream, when are they is the question.

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