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Hijab row the cringe worthy arguments

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I usually try to avoid using negative titles to my writings and start anything with negativity in general. But recently on this Hijab row I saw a cringe worthy video that made me so sick that I cannot stop myself from being vitriolic. This video in question asks a little girl why do you wear hijab and the little girl is ‘made’ to say: this is your phone and you think it is valuable hence you protect it with a cover right same is with me I am valuable therefore i need to be protected with Hijab. This attempt at objectification of women is deplorable and disgusting, so what is out next analogy you are so sweet so I will wrap you a chocolate wrapper?

Women have faced persecution and paid heavy price of religious customs and tradition over the last few centuries across all religions. Many social reformers and activist over the years have fought these customs and are making every effort even today to bring in the equality. After so many centuries in the last few decades women have started coming out and move around as equals in all spheres of life. Crime and Criminal still exists but overall, the main stream society has come to terms with fact that both son and daughter are same and equal. It will be pity if any political party whichever you belong to now the turn the wheels back and give in to radical elements for short term gains.

Hijab vs Turban vs Tilak vs Cross:

Interesting that a so called erudite and educated MP made this comparison. I will not argue against this with logic but here is an equally radical alternative approach to bring in equality. Women have carried on baton of religious custom for so many centuries, time for men to man up and start doing the same. So just like Sikh boys ask Hindu boys to wear ghunghat and Muslim boys to wear Hijab. We can bring in legislation to change the school uniform to meet these new guidelines across genders and religions. I am equally surprised the this walking dictionary has not learnt the meaning of UNIFORM. When it comes to schools all students irrespective of class , creed, region, religion, rich and poor are same and walk in as equals in front of teachers for seeking knowledge.

Hijab as a religious mandate argument

If our laws and constitutions are made to resemble various religious texts there is no going forward of human being as civilization being. What if tomorrow somebody cites a scripture and suggest that lower caste people cannot sit on my bench at school? What will you do and where will this end? For the sake of humanity stop these regressive morals laws in name of the religious freedom. Use religion as spiritual and moral guidance and not as policing tool

Hijab as a choice

For some women who are supporting this garbage movement as a choice. Please remember women were born equal to men, these arrogant men have over the years have used various means to destroy the spirit of women. First it comes as a choice and then it turns into judgement if you choose not to and judgement soon turns into punishment and men thrive on punishments. Spiritual and progressive thoughts are choices we need to make not regressive and outdated rudimentary practices.

Finally, the political parties using children and schools as means to fight these political battles it shows an intellectual impotency that can be never be remedied. So it is time to do the right thing and put full stop this political non-sense and make common uniform practice across all schools that cannot be compromised in principle.

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