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Crucial Uttarakhand elections

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Devbhumi Uttarakhand is a young state having born out from India’s most populated state of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000. Having seen 10 CMs in a short span of 21 years Uttarakhand is now looking at an unprecedented Legislative assembly election 2022. Amidst the demands of a strong Land Law (Bhu-Kanoon), political parties both National and regional are trying heart this time to woo voters.

While it’s tough for the BJP, who faces the opposition levelling allegations of giving uncertain, unstable government to the people, it is equally challenging for the parties like the INC— that is trying to rise above the infighting and the AAP that is promising to give stability to the state. Considering the nail biting fight being predicted by many opinion polls, it remains to be seen how Uttarakhand actually votes. Undoubtedly, PM Narendra Modi the most popular leader in the state of Uttarakhand evident by the massive majority BJP received in the last assembly elections 2017 and giving all the five seats to BJP in LS elections of 2014 & 2019.

The legislative Assembly elections 2022 is a crucial election both for the state and the political parties. The state has entered its 20s and growing unemployment, migration and lack of health services in the hills still remain the issues of the election. Of course, roads have be laid and many villages have been connected through paved roads. PM Modi’s All Weather Roads have created a large network of roads and paved way for various developmental works also facilitating smooth transportation. Largely, the election still has the echo of strong Bhu Kanoon, the land laws resonating. This election is crucial because on one hand the state government is facing anti-incumbency because of constant change of CMs while on the other side people still love PM Modi. The rejuvenation of Kedarnath temple, the repealing of the Devasthanam Board, the atal ayushmaan card and the free ration given during the pandemic have further risen hopes from PM Modi. The INC is on a mission to dethrone BJP state government. The social media platforms like Twitter is seeing an outpour of the supporters of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal, a regional party, who have been asserting the demands of a Bhu Kanoon.

Undoubtedly, this election holds significance because PM Modi’s dream of rejuvenation of tirtha sthals is likely to be a reality in Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, the issues of unemployment, health services, education under the umbrella of Migration should definitely make its way to forefront. Why crucial? Because for the next five years are important for the growth of Uttarakhand.

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