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Why Harish Rawat led Congress is facing trouble in U’khand

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The recent tweet of Uttarakhand political stalwart Harish Rawat led to a controversy which frankly wasn’t new in Indian National Congress. For those who don’t understand Uttrakhand congress politics, let me explain some tidbits for you and why I think Congress High Command is set to lose another good face due to its trivial policy of divide and rule. 

Right now if we talk about leader of masses or more appropriately a Jan-neta, in the Himayalan state then undoubtedly it’s Harish Rawat and no one else comes close to his stature and political brain. For example the recent  numbers of people in Rahul Gandhi rally which was organised at Dehradun Parade Ground, rivaled Prime Minister’s recent rally in the same Arena which doesn’t happens everyday. According to political analysts, this was a masterpiece of Harish Rawat and his brethren. 

Talking about brethren, there are two opposing factions in Uttarakhand Congress– namely, the Harish Rawat faction and Preetam Singh faction. Now, the Harish Rawat faction alleges that State Election Coordinator Devendra Yadav highly favors the rival faction. 

Political analysts think this is a move by Congress High Command to to keep Harish Rawat in check. 

The writer of this article has an ideology which slightly favors the right but unbiasedly I feel, Congress led by Harish Rawat can win in the state but the tradtional congress style politics will help BJP and Dhami to begin another term or maybe welcome a new leader!

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