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Atrocity on a Shiva temple in TN

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Whilst it is well known and documented, as to the animosity displayed by the current government in TN on anything, which is remotely connected with Sanathana Dharma, the latest assault is unparalleled.

A Siva temple in a village in the vicinity of Sriperumbudur near Chennai, has been razed to the ground two days back.

The temple was constructed by a charitable Saivaite trust named Shivananda Tapovan, several years ago. The temple had expanded from its original spread several fold over the years and has been a Centre for the devout to congregate and uphold their faith. Not very unlike many medium and small temples in TN, this temple is managed by not by Brahmins and is really an epitome of equality among all castes. There are several staff belonging to SC ST and added to this, the women devotees are also permitted to perform rituals. Not only has this temple which has a Siva linga brought from Narmada banks, been flourishing but the management has also been aiding several smaller temples in and around to be renovated. There is practice of Anna Dhan daily, which has been a boon for poor in the Corona lock down times.

More than the demolition, the haste with which it was done has shocked the devotees. At around three o’ clock, on the fateful day, a team of Revenue officials,led by the District Revenue Officer arrive at site and inform that they have orders to demolish the temple next day. The trust management rushes to appeal to the Collector of Kanchipuram district, in which temple is located. But by the time they return,using two Bulldozers ,the entire structure has been razed to the ground. No time was given even to relocate the sacred idols and all other paraphernalia.

The excuse doled out was that the temple is an encroachment in Poromboke land, obstructing a water way.(Rumour has it that this is indeed a camouflage for enabling demolition of a contiguous property belonging to a functionary of opposition AIADMK. The temple constructed with devotees contribution amounting to around Rs 2 crores is in effect a scapegoat.)

As is the wont, the paid media of TN has not taken any cognisance of this sacrilege, as it suits their loyalty to the regime, and more over, this is not a church or a mosque.

The outraged devotees have gathered and have sworn that: 1. They will not succumb to any pressure tactics to convert them from Hinduism 2. They will follow Hindu religion even at peril to their lives. 3. They will never ever vote for the political party which is instrumental in bringing about this monstrous atrocity.

Many Hindu organizations and groups have raised their voice but given the hidden agenda of thes rulers and lack of coherent collective action of the Hindu community, it is to be seen if any claw back will at all happen. In a state where there are street protests even if some miscreants don a saffron towel on the statue of the Hindu idols iconoclast founder of the DK party, how can a desecration of a Hindu temple matter?

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