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What repealing of farm laws means for future India: Spotlighting the impact of repealing on other issues

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So finally, PM Modi announced the repealing of farm laws in his “apologising address to the nation”. What was astonishing in his address was GOI’s decision of repealing farm laws, the same farm laws the government was committed to never repealing and called them “revolutionary”. Well, the revolution might be over or withdrawn, but the road is not easy as it seems. Political pandits are extracting the election sense of the decision while the government is busy boasting how committed they are to farmers.

What next for the protestors?

Farmers’ protest

While Modi requested the protesting farmers to go back home, the puzzling question arises, will the opposition let them go? Farm laws were probably the only subject left for opposition to fight in upcoming Punjab and UP elections. Will they let this slip out of their hand and CM’s chair to BJP? Krishi Vaigyanik Rakesh Tikat said, “won’t return until laws repealed in Parliament,” which means protest and free food will continue for another month. We all have to agree with Tikat this time because it’s all about food. People work rigorously to get their square meal while participating in protests is comparatively an easy task. Ignoring that, hardly one or two knows what farm laws exactly were.

Election analysis

The condition of BJP in Punjab was worst, and in UP, the hold was not very strong. Farm laws were obstructing BJP’s way to chair, but now with no farmer issues, BJP might perform very well in western districts of UP which were a headache for BJP analysts. Punjab was almost impossible for BJP; repealing comes with a ray of hope for BJP. Akali stood apart, and Captain refused to join BJP because of their issues with farm laws. BJP can now collate with Akali and Captain Amarinder Singh before or after the election and make their way for victory. It will be interesting to see whether Captain merges his party, i.e. Punjab Lok Congress, in NDA.

What’s left for the “supporters”?

What melts my heart is the condition of supporters now; after all, they were the ones standing stronger than Modi-Shah in support of farm laws. From calling farm laws a masterstroke to labelling this as the masterstroke, BJP supporters’ lives are entangled between masterstrokes.

Will CAA & 370 be repealed?

Photo: (IANS) NRC & CAA Protest

370 and CAA are now the only two most fragile issues left, once farm laws used to be a proud part of it but let’s not get into history.

With the repealing of farm laws, anti-370 and anti-CAA can gain momentum again; who will guarantee that CAA protest won’t achieve velocity before UP and Punjab elections? Visionless opposition may go after CAA and you see this might be on the checklist. Pakistan and Pakistan premi clan might again start chanting 370. this repealing of farm laws will boost Pakistan, and they might go for another shot on 370 with more international pressure. With better international relations, India can handle this very well. Will BJP repeal 370 & CAA for election gain; that will be suicide, but who knows, elections might come up with another repealing masterstroke.

And finally what does it mean for India

Protests are said to be the beauty of democracy, but what if protest becomes the obstruction in the country’s upliftment. There were massive protests and international pressure on CAA, but the government stood firm through all odds. Strong governance gave people hope, hope for a better future and reforms. Repealing farm laws will undoubtedly force the youth to rethink. Other significant reforms (if they come) will accompany protests, and repealing them for election gain or other reasons will make the displacement zero. Better to not introduce reforms if you want to abolish them later or stand firm for them. Repealing made the crores of rupees we lost due to protest go rouge. Crores of rupees and the disharmony are the price we paid but for nothing.

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