Saturday, February 27, 2021


Farm Laws

The new farm laws –Tools to empower farmers directly

The law aims at promoting and facilitating free trade in agriculture. Farmer can sell the produce any where all over country.

Desecration of democratic institutions by electoral rejects and unelected

Two violent incidents in two democracies of the world which put the nation to the shame.

The rich-poor farmer divide

These rich farmers for long have been like some parasite sticking on to the sector and sucking out of it any potential for growth. We have to dismantle this hegemony, because as long as they are sitting at the top, they won't allow anything to trickle down.

Farm laws conundrum

in case the government decides to abrogate of the farm laws, all laws such as abrogation of 370, CAA, abolition of Triple Talaq, etc may be asked to be withdrawn.

Part-7: Will farmers get a bad deal by privatization?

It is rather inane to say that Mandis would shut down because of privatization as the Indian Government is duty bound to provide foodgrains to the very poor through the PDS in the foreseeable future.

For civil society, it’s time to introspect or get lost

“PM Modi’s efforts are not ‘cosmetic or showmanship’, says Ratan Tata”. No wonder now his name will soon be added with Ambani and Adani list of name calling

Rejoinder: More gas than substance

The eminent journalist has not proved “Modi is more gas than substance” though he uses to write because he is a privileged columnist.

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