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The alleged farmer protest seems to have crossed the line

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Sai Ram
Sai Ram
Founder/Editor @ NewsTap Global

The controversial Farm Laws were passed in the Lok Sabha on 17th September 2020, and was passed in the Rajya Sabha on 20th of September. These laws are very bad and does reduces the income of MIDDLEMEN. The Modi government does this, as Farmers of India were never given the real cost of their crops. This is a law which every party listed in its manifestos, but all of them opposed it, as they found a few political reasons. India is a country, whose primary source of Income is through Agriculture. Farmer, who is also called ‘AnnaDaata’ in India. Ever since the late Lal Bahadur Shastri raised the slogans of ‘Jai Jawan & Jai Kisan’, Farming in India has become a very sacred occupation. The so called Farmers, who are protesting at the Borders of the National Capital, DO NOT SHOW any qualities of being a Anna Daata.

These protests started in the name of Farming, just to gain some sympathy. Now, these protesters have CROSSED the line. The alleged Farmers announced in the starting that NO politicians or political parties will be let in the protest. Slowly, the protesters started bleeding their true colours, when they started demanding the release of many anti-nationals, who were either convicted under UAPA or were under trial for sedition. After this, India saw more of their true colours, when death slogans to Prime Minister were raised at the protest site.

On Republic day, India witnessed something WORST. Delhi Police personnel were attacked, tri-colour was INSULTED. In the latest move, all the alleged Farmer leaders have gone to the poll bound states and will campaign against the BJP. In the name of farmers, they CROSSED THE LINE. Now, they have set up permanent buildings at the PROTEST SITE. Delhi has faced loss worth 70,000 crore, that is the money of the common man, but still the Delhi Government isn’t bothered as they have to show their support to the protesters, or else their Vote Banks would be affected.

Tool Kit, which was Made in Karnataka, was the official script for the protests. At the end, neither Rakesh Tikait nor Arvind Kejriwal is affected, the common men of this country are affected. After all this anti nationalism shown by the alleged farmers may lead to a status quo, where in the protesters won’t vacate the site and the Laws will be on stay. Modi government has to take strict steps and action against those involved in disrupting the image of India.

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Sai Ram
Sai Ram
Founder/Editor @ NewsTap Global
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