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Repeal of 3-Farm laws is not in the interest of the country

Why every non-violent protest shouldn’t be supported in guise of spirit of Democracy; Demands need to be scrutinize without any bias

When a non-violent protest happens, people see it as a tenet of democracy and no matter how illogical and irrational demands are, they become fearful that if they speak against it, they would be speaking against the spirit of democracy itself.

Farm laws repealed: Masterstroke or appeasement politics?

With farm laws being repealed, no one knows what to make of it. While Modi’s opponents are celebrating the 'victory', his supporters are lamenting. But is it that simple?

What repealing of farm laws means for future India: Spotlighting the impact of repealing on other issues

With the repealing of farm laws, anti-370 and anti-CAA can gain momentum again; who will guarantee that CAA protest won't achieve velocity before UP and Punjab elections?

The alleged farmer protest seems to have crossed the line

In the latest move, all the alleged Farmer leaders have gone to the poll bound states and will campaign against the BJP.

Part-7: Will farmers get a bad deal by privatization?

It is rather inane to say that Mandis would shut down because of privatization as the Indian Government is duty bound to provide foodgrains to the very poor through the PDS in the foreseeable future.

Illogical demands of protesting farmers

The progressive reforms should not be held hostage, as a few farmers are agitating. Any reform would get some hardship to a section of people.

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