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Open Letter to the Prime Minister

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My Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing this open letter to you so that you can get acquainted with what the well-wishers of the country are going through in the last couple of years. I’m writing this letter as the son of a policeman, who has faced anxiety of his father’s safety on February 25, 2020, or on January 26, 2021.

You faced hostility from both your allies and opposition since the day you took public office. You handled the situation in the aftermath of the Bhuj earthquake and the deadly riots in 2002 in only your second year as the Chief Minister. After 2002, you were hounded by national investigative agency and grilled for hours at a time. Still, you handled that well and came out on top. You were named the Prime Minister candidate of BJP in September 2013; the country rallied behind you and gave you a majority that no party had got in almost 30 years. Since you took over as Prime Minister and started rebuilding the country you faced hostility from foreign media and national media. Coordinated attacks were being perpetrated from Indian academics settled in the West with the help of pliant Indian media which included e-portals. It started with the farce of Intolerance, cow vigilantism, church attacks etc. Still, we trusted you to do the right thing and in 2019 gave you an even higher mandate. 

The 2019 win brought further disturbances and inaction from the government. The attacks from the west continued of India’s democratic backsliding whereas the West itself is rapidly moving towards totalitarianism. After 2019, the first attack was on vilifying Jai Shree Ram, you stayed silent on that. We knew it was another attempt on pressuring the government. The government brought in CAA and the politico-activist cabal occupied a part of Delhi and turned it into an autonomous zone and caused great inconvenience to common man. We still stayed silent as we knew any attempt at forcefully evicting them would further embolden their position. But Shaheen Bagh was a successful experiment, and its full effect was seen after the parliament passed the farm bills. The Politico-activist cabal, this time in the garb of farmers surrounded Delhi from all sides and have been there for almost a year. Just like Shaheen Bagh, these occupied zones have turned into lawless autonomous areas. 

The so-called farmers attacked Delhi on 26th January. As you were attending the Republic Day parade, there was an open season going on on Delhi Police and CAPF Jawans. Even women police officers were not spared. I personally know of one-woman Sub-Inspector (Delhi Police) who was repeatedly thrashed in her ribs and now has permanent pain in her back. The so-called farmers stormed the Red Fort and desecrated the national flag, but you still stayed silent. Not a word was said for the bravery and restraint shown by Delhi Police and CAPF by any leader of the ruling party. Imagine how the humiliation would’ve affected the morale of Police and CAPF. The police went on an arresting spree after January 26th,but the damage had been done by then.

Now coming to the matter of Hindutva. The restrictions on Hindus celebrating their customs, rituals, and festivals in the last couple of weeks makes us feel like we are in 17th century and Aurangzeb is ruling Delhi. We cannot light crackers, we must take permission for celebrating Dussehra, the administration will decide the height of effigies. For God’s sake what has the height of an effigy to do with covid. Given that these restrictions were announced by the Delhi government but what did BJP do to help us. In one word nothing. Even Haryana, a BJP ruled state banned crackers in 14 districts. The reason given is pollution but the question here is are crackers the only or major cause of pollution.  

Now coming to political violence. A while back Sadhus were lynched in Pahalghar? What did you do? Nothing. RSS karyakartas were being brutally murdered in Kerala. What did you do? Nothing. BJP workers were being brutally killed in West Bengal before state elections. What did you do? Nothing. After TMC won, BJP workers were targeted, their women raped, their houses pillaged, even that didn’t make you utter a word for them. What will it take for you to act? Is every good karyakartas a dead karyakartas. UP elections are coming and if any other party, then BJP comes into power, BJP karyakartas will face a fate much worse than Bengal. 

Now coming to BJP responses. The spokespersons of the party have only one reply, whether its riots in Delhi, 26thJanuary violence, or violence against the Karyakartas and that reply is “Where are the left-liberals, where are the x, y, z activists?”  We did not elect those left liberals or those activists, we elected you to do the right thing.

Given that there are compulsions and international considerations you have to take into account, I’ll repeat the same quote of Acharya Chanakya, you used at the UN general Assembly: Kalati Kramat kaal and Phalam Pibatti. We elected you as a strong leader to steer the country but seems like the personal attacks have finally got to you. Sir this is not the time to care about your legacy, history will remember you as a stalwart who took the country in the right direction. You need to back your karyakartas, you need to defend them, you need to defend the Hindu way of life which is being attacked from all sides. In short, you need to follow the Raj Dharam. You are a Bhakt of Mahadev, I’ll end this letter with the life mantra that shiv puran gives: धर्म, अर्थ, काम तथा मोक्ष. You need to follow up with your Dharam. Jai Hind.     

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