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Attention India, the celebrities and media gave their opinions, beware, this is not a drill

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I have a gripe with the modern opinions, especially those in western media outlets and Pop-culture. These thoughts often weigh down my mind so much that I want to lash out at someone without any second thoughts. As an Indian, I do get defensive when someone says crap about my country. At first, I don’t care, but when someone goes too far, that’s when I draw the line.

Look at foreign media outlets like Al Jazeera and The New York Times. Al Jazeera will talk about human rights and secularism down to an average Joe’s throat. At the same time, they won’t talk about their boss: Qatar Government. You know the guys who have their human rights violations.

And don’t get me started on The New York Times. During the Second Wave of Covid in India, The New York Times was “reporting” the casualties. Alongside the pseudo-political expert and stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra, they made a video which states that our Prime Minister was responsible for the Covid genocide. I should also add that during the same time, The New York Times was making hit-pieces on people like MrBeast and Elon Musk. In the former, The New York Times brought allegations against MrBeast for allegations that were debunked years ago.

One NYT journalist got salty after popular YouTuber Phillip DeFranco called her out for her BS. As for the latter, they were whining about Elon Musk stealing memes. Meme stealing might have legal repercussions, but in most cases, they’re normal. I know those two incidents have nothing to do with India, but to think that The New York Times pretends to report on India’s situation while at the same time arguing people on the internet says a lot. They’re in no position to talk about India at all.

In the post-Trump era, popular foreign media outlets get desperate to get some juicy topics. They’re desperate for credibility. They know if they talk about popular topics, they get clicks. That’s why most of their articles are click-baits, rage-baits, and reactionary-baits.In India’s case, they would call out her government, her people, her religions, and her Prime Minister to get more viewers. Prime Minister Modi is the cherry of their chocolate clout cake.

I assume, The New York Times collaborated with Kunal Kamra because they knew people would get toxic enough to reply to him, and Kamra is someone who’d do anything for clout.His political jokes are not even funny. He would do everything to milk on the Prime Minister. He also quotes people who have a history of beating women and then lectures the internet on women’s empowerment. People like Kunal Kamra make me want to stay away from stand-up comedians. And foreign media outlets and journalists should not be put on a pedestal.

Another group of people I hate are Woke celebrities. At the height of the farmer’s protest, we saw foreign celebrities like Greta “How Dare You” Thunberg, Amanda Cerney, and Lily Singh giving their opinions on the protest. The Liberals celebrated their opinions while shunning celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

I think the liberals forget that Lily Singh has a history of hypocritical political opinions. Amanda Cerney begged for followers on Twitch. Greta Thunberg doesn’t practice what she preaches. I mean attending a climate convention while traveling from Monaco to New York through a yacht. It says enough about her right?

These people make me respect Malala Yousafzai even more. Say what you will about her you can’t deny Malala stood up for girl education in Pakistan. She even took a bullet in the head for her ideals. These celebrities are born and raised in First World Countries. They have immense resources and support and yet their sermons and opinions seem so hollow and half-baked. It’s not like they’re credible either. They can’t really hold a candle in front of Malala when it comes to struggle

They’re just like Hollywood elites who preach woman empowerment and diversity while putting pedophiles and rapists like Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein on a pedestal. (Bollywood is just a decaying dumpster fire)

It’s safe to say that we need to be very careful when we cite sources from foreign media outlets and celebrities. Because we don’t know if they’re credible or not hypocritical. Thus, we need to stop treating them like gods.

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