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Elon Musk

Electric vehicles: A boon or a curse?

Currently Electric vehicle market capturing rapidly increasing due to craze, but only in Developed Nation, in our nation (India), we still using conventional Combustion Engine, which is cheaper and affordable in price for Average Indian, and since the electric vehicle is something new, for which we have to learn to adapt.

Elon Musk and Adani: A nightmare for the left

Twitter takeover by Elon Musk and Adani becoming NDTV’s major stakeholder: 2022 has been a tough time for Liberals

Elon Musk: An evil in disguise?

Who would have thought that the ‘Blue Tick’ could be put up for sale? Elon Musk did!

What went wrong with Twitter India? Firsthand account from Parliament

why India is so important for social media platforms companies including Twitter, and what went wrong with the Indian management of these companies.

तो क्या भारतीय संसद से सीधे भिड़ना महंगा पड़ा ट्विटर इंडिया को?

एलन मस्क, ट्विटर के नए मालिक को एक भारतीय सलाह- हमारी संसद में बैठे माननीयों से संवाद इतना आसान नहीं होता, जरा संभल कर।

Elon Musk’s Nayak moment and Twitter’s free spech

The slogan “The bird is freed” and Nayakism of Twitter new owner, unjustly designated by many as ‘free speech absolutist’, are the biggest jokes of the century as the bird is not going to be freed in any case.

अब ट्विटर में ब्लू टिक पर बने रहने की चुकानी होगी कीमत – एलन मस्क का ऐलान

मस्क द्वारा ट्विटर की डील पूरी होने पर सोशल में एक पंक्ति का डायलॉग वायरल हुआ था जो "चिड़िया हुई आज़ाद" था। तो आइये आज इसी विषय पर चर्चा करते हैं कि नए मालिक ने चिड़िया में क्या क्या किये बदलाव।

Attention India, the celebrities and media gave their opinions, beware, this is not a drill

It's safe to say that we need to be very careful when we cite sources from foreign media outlets and celebrities. Because we don't know if they're credible or not hypocritical.

Shah Faesal: Victim of Free Speech or politician in making?

This is what a highly educated Kashmiri Youth Icon preaches to the 'youth in making'.

Elon Musk throws his weight behind Make in India: All thanks to ISRO

ISRO and Make In India jointly getting international attention and praise.

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