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Elon Musk: An evil in disguise?

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Who would have thought that the ‘Blue Tick’ could be put up for sale? Elon Musk did!

The soon-to-be-paid blue tick caused a stir on the internet when Elon Musk Tweeted, “Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.”

Though it appears a move to embrace equality and promote democracy but it’s more of a scheme of revenue generation. Earlier, too, he claimed of  a vast strategy about how to develop society technologically. When he first discussed AI in public, it appeared like he was discussing a potential apocalypse scenario right out of a Terminator film.

His principal initiatives envision a fundamentally disruptive rewiring of practically every major industry and global issue imaginable – automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, energy, transportation, infrastructure/tunneling, AI and healthcare. The major endeavors right now are Starlink and Neuralink.  Although the satellite internet constellation attempts to bring affordable internet to remote areas, it is having some concerning unintended consequences. For example, accidents involving other spacecraft, saturate the atmosphere with toxins and space debris, light pollution etc .

The usage of cellphones using the brain instead of the hands would be conceivable thanks to Neuralink chips for paralysed people. As a backup, all of a person’s memories may one day be stored on the chips, according to Musk. When a piece of technology is as unique as this one, there is a lot of interest about how it operates and anxiety about what it might signify for the future. These chips might be vulnerable to hacking, which could lead to mind control.

Musk’s plans to colonise Mars indicates that he is capable of subjugating mankind on this blue planet too. The good news is that Elon Musk says he loves humans, so we shouldn’t be concerned about potentially harmful results for his own race. But as we all know, ultimate power has the potential to corrupt absolutely. Just let’s hope he doesn’t develop into one of those comic book supervillains.

Shivangi Anthal

(MA National Security Studies)

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