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Elon Musk: An evil in disguise?

Who would have thought that the ‘Blue Tick’ could be put up for sale? Elon Musk did!

Humanity matters

Humanity keeps us alive irrespective of the situations and conditions around us. After all, life never stops, instead it keeps on moving.

Post Corona: Arrival of new juggernaut called Sanatan

Humanity has won battle larger and more sinister than Covid and emerged victorious. The figurative depiction of Dash Avtaar from Matsya to Lord Kalki is scientific story of evolution of humanity from Single cell water creature to land born Homo sapiens.

How Sanatan Dharma will shape human psyche in days ahead

The Shree Ram- Bharat discourse and Lord Krishna- Arjun discourse contain a larger philosophy of political life than today’s documented method of governance and diplomacy.

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