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Post Corona: Arrival of new juggernaut called Sanatan

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Sanat Bhardwaj
Believer and follower of Sanatan. I have firm faith one day Sanatan will show the world the path of peace prosperity and moral value. World could be better and more beautiful if and only if Sanatan Values are followed. I am Sanat Bhardwaj 48 years old freelancer and public speaker on Business and Finance.

While the fight against Covid is at its peak with reported death of over 2 lac of individual in and around the world, the optimism and positivity has not subsided among the Sanatan followers. You get up in morning to flip through the social media update or surf the news channel, and would be devastated at the plight of humanity, helplessness of wealth, splendor of yesterday.

The two super power US and Russia are clueless. The groups like NATO holding their pernicious fire power to destroy the world are mellowed today. The wealth and splendor of Europe is down the gutter with frustration laced with failure. The Miracle of China is dirty and filthy word. The energy giants of OPEC are worthless penny today. The ignorance of Africa is yet to see the light of progress and peace. And ever placid Latin America is struggling to even count the casualty it is suffering at the hand of Covid.

The uninvited misery and pain is leaving an unbearable foot note to the society across the globe.  Humanity seems to be helpless. Even the religion of books find no mention of words and sentence to assuage the feelings. The priest and preacher of religious belief are running to doctor and Nurses for their own safety. Their fake propaganda of miraculous healing by Parameshwar is in thin air.

Shall the triumph of a yesterday’s world continue or would it surrender to a disordered disillusioned and deadly sordid reality of today? And you get no answer except for the faces of wailing mothers, orphaned child and comatose humanity.

Has it happened before? Has it ever challenged the humanity before also? Has humanity seen the resurgence ever? The documented world and written pages of science finds no such mention? And hence a despair and disillusionment is the emerging new world order?

There is a world beyond the written format. And the world where memory has been retained and transferred through memorized knowledge. The conscience keeper of Sanatan society the sage and savant assiduously collected the summary of ages for longer than a poetic imagination. Subject as abstract as an ever expanding universe were maintained with impeccable flawlessness.

The Sanatan Literature library todays consists of 4 Ved 5 Aryankas 6 Vedand 13 Upnishad 108 Puranas, Series of Smriti and two unparalleled Epic Gita and Ramayan. The imagination of humane mind shall not trust the sheer volume vastness and depth of these Sanatan Philosophy and Literature. Unbelievable is the response when I narrate just one Epic called Gita have 18000 slokas (couplets). Imagine the sagacity of Sanatan conscience.

Can an individual or a society or nation memorize and ensure transmission to posterity in a flawless manner? Never and impossible. Only Sanatan can and has!

But what is there and why is this so relevant today in handling the Covid challenges to humanities. Read the Sanatan literature. Humanity has won battle larger and more sinister than Covid and emerged victorious. The figurative depiction of Dash Avtaar from Matsya to Lord Kalki is scientific story of evolution of humanity from Single cell water creature to land born Homo sapiens. The Barah Avtaar termed as 3rd (avatar) incarnation shall explain the shape of rounded earth through its mythological representation. Humane life deals with resurrection. Nature and humane discipline shall supplement this survival and sustenance of Humanity. And not to assume that this peregrination is insipid and without any music. The Sam Ved one of the original manuscripts explains the intricacy and range of music, Similarly the Atharveda about Medicine and value of Ayurved.

Present humane world would see this colossal knowledge and its application to survive and grow post covid. When the humanity would be clueless to survive and Medicine will surrender to its limitation the abstract spirituality of Sanatan will show this humanity a life ahead.

Return to Ved.

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Sanat Bhardwaj
Believer and follower of Sanatan. I have firm faith one day Sanatan will show the world the path of peace prosperity and moral value. World could be better and more beautiful if and only if Sanatan Values are followed. I am Sanat Bhardwaj 48 years old freelancer and public speaker on Business and Finance.

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