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Kunal Kamra

The skeptical ballads of the Indian stand up comedians

We expect a comedy and what do we get instead? A bunch of whiny little stand-up comedian schmucks whose only source of revenue was to make political statements against the establishment and the country.

Attention India, the celebrities and media gave their opinions, beware, this is not a drill

It's safe to say that we need to be very careful when we cite sources from foreign media outlets and celebrities. Because we don't know if they're credible or not hypocritical.

Ambani’s grandson can save Kunal Kamra’s falling career, claim experts

At least Mukesh Ambani said that he does not take Rajdeep Sardesai seriously, but in Kunal's case, Ambani doesn't even believe if Mr. Kamra is a real human being or an imaginary joke like many Indians do.

Time to be contemptuous of such contempts

Why should the Attorney General or the top court be wasting their time, effort and resources in pursing these ‘characters’ - Arundhati Roy, Prashant Bushan, Kunal Kamra, in painting them darker than they are, for they love it as much as the decent, dignified and respectable abhor it.

Lawyer writes to CJI; seeks Suo moto cognizance on the defamatory tweets of Kunal Kamra

Lucknow based advocate Siddhant Mishra on Thursday wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde urging him to take Suo moto cognizance on the defamatory tweets of Kunal Kamra against the sitting judge of Supreme Court Hon'ble Justice Dr D.Y Chandarchud.

कुछ महापुरुषों का क्या इलाज़ है?

कोई भी ऐरा गैरा स्टैंड अप कॉमेडियन बन जाता है और फिर कॉमेडी के नाम पे केवल देश, धर्म और राजनीती के बारे में अपने गंदे विचार भाड़े के दर्शको को सुनाता है और दर्शक भी इतने सस्ते होते हैं की किसी भी वाहियात चुटकुले पे हंस पड़ते हैं।

[Cartoon] The reason why noise cancelling headphones are necessary

Please carry them all the day wherever you go. You can't get rid of stray dogs in India around you.

Kunal Kamra’s karma has driven him to this air-ban

In the whole process, Kunal Kamra tried to pose a moral grandstanding to promote himself, as if what he was asking were true questions that many would want to seek answers.

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