Monday, April 22, 2024
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A comic here. A cartoon there.

Cartoon: Salutes to the brave cameramen!

World needs more cameramen like him and like those who click pictures of Syrian kids.

Cartoon: Passing the boxing gloves

Please fight like a real fighter!

[Cartoon] The reason why noise cancelling headphones are necessary

Please carry them all the day wherever you go. You can't get rid of stray dogs in India around you.

Cartoon: Free PoK

Yes, we need to liberate the Kashmir: Just that of the other side, i.e., POK

Cartoon: Anti-CAA protest is now anti-Hindu protest

For their Muslim brothers in the neighbouring countries, they want Hindus to vacate this country.

Cartoon: Violence by left in JNU

Left attacks innocents in JNU

Cartoon: Big tree fell, but Earth didn’t shake

Daadi's grandson asks his mother about this popular proverb.

Cartoon: Anti-CAA protest is an attack on Pakistani Dalits

The plight of Pakistani Dalits (Hindus).

Cartoon: Free head tonsuring by Shiv Sena

CM Uddhav Thackeray, please answer!

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