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President Biden mistakes are costing the World very Dearly

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The withdrawal of the United States of America’s forces, under the leadership of President Joe Biden, from Afghanistan, has been completely without any proper exit strategy, totally unsystematic, and completely irresponsible. An act that is leading to crimes on humanity, the brunt being now faced by the Afghan people.

After removing the Taliban from power, when US first set its foot in Afghanistan on October 07, 2001; post 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York; the US has had a sizable presence in the Afghanistan and had been able to restore an uneasy calm for almost 18 years.

The fact was openly known that the US will eventually pullout of Afghanistan, even when the Republicans under the leadership of President Donald Trump were in office. However, President Trump had a longer vision and a strategy in place as how to achieve this objective.

Unfortunately, after losing the 2020 General Election to President Biden, President Trump’s roadmap was shelved and hurriedly replaced by in ill thought and directionless guidelines for not only the withdrawal of the US Forces from Afghanistan, but also on holding accountability for the spread of COVID-19, which the Trump Administration had openly attributed to the lab in Wuhan, China.

Democrats officially came into office on January 20, 2021, and within an extremely short span of 7 months, called back their forces from Afghanistan. This short window of 7 months itself is an indication that not enough time was spent on deliberation of this entire exercise, neither the manner in which it should have been rightfully conducted, and nor on the outcome and aftereffects of this action.

With the constant updates coming in from Afghanistan through various news channels, wherein it is seen at the almost lighting speed at which the Taliban has taken over the entire Afghanistan, where an Afghan Army of 300,000 Troops, lay down arms and surrendered to a Gorilla Taliban Army that is just 80,000 strong; speaks volumes about the quality of training the US has in reality provided to the Afghan National Forces.

The Afghan Forces were better equipped, and also outnumbered the Taliban, but lost because of their poor training, and lack of motivation that an army needs to have. To further a strategic blunder, the Afghan Government put their trust in the US Armed Forces, who themselves have lost all wars which were fought against Gorilla and Insurgent Forces; Cambodia, Vietnam, Somalia are some of the instances that will come back to haunt the American leadership.

It seems, that either President Biden did not care to learn from past mistakes or was in some kind of haste to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Whatever the reason is, it is obvious that President Biden has played right into the hands of the Chinese and the left liberal groups that are funded by many vested interest personnel like George Soros.

The result is that this time it is the common citizens of Afghanistan that are paying a heavy price for this rash and irresponsible action of President Biden.

Afghan citizens are desperately trying to leave to whichever place they can, Afghan women are fleeing due to the fear of being taken away and being made slaves of the Taliban, little girls as young a 9-10 years of age are being forcefully taken, prisons have been taken over and criminals have been released (as this article is being written, prisoners from Bagram Jail have been released), public hangings, stoning to death, destruction of property, the list is now ever growing.

Taliban has been openly supported, trained and funded by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the Pakistani Army. President Trump had taken a tough stand against Pakistan, restricting their access to technology and financial aid; sadly, President Biden relaxed these curbs, and now the world has to pay a price for his actions.

Afghanistan, will turn into a safe haven for terrorists, and Islamic extremists; and will turn into the world’s biggest Terror Factory.

Biden’s policies are extremely questionable; its not only Afghanistan, but his soft approach towards holding China responsible for the outbreak and spreading of the COVID-19 virus, does raise a lot many eyebrows.

Whereas, President Trump wanted to see justice done for the loss of life the entire world has seen due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more the 4 million deaths worldwide, and the world economy losing Trillions of Dollars; it seems that President Biden is more interested in brushing these issues under the carpet.

What are President Biden’s motives, only he can answer; but his actions have surely caused the world a great deal of harm, which will (hopefully not) only increase in the near future; resulting in tarnishing the stature of the United States of America.

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