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India Will have to bow before China if dependence on it increases: RSS chief

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat said India will have to bow to China if its dependence on China increases. He made the comments as he hoisted the national flag at a school in Mumbai on the 75th anniversary of independence. 

Bhagwat said no matter how much people shout about boycotting Chinese goods, everything in mobile phones is coming from China.

Economic security is very important, Bhagwat said, adding that the adaptation of technology should be based on our conditions. We have to be swa-nirbhar, “he said. Dependence on China is increasing.” Bhagwat said. 

Swadeshi should not be ignored. International trade should remain on our terms, “he said. We should produce at home and not put everything on the market, “Bhagwat said.   

Decentralized manufacturing will help India’s economy create jobs and self-employment, he said. It is not mass production, but production for the masses, “he said. He said the economic vision was to produce more competition and high-quality products. With more producers, more people will be self-employed, “he said, adding that the revenue generated will be distributed more fairly.  

The government should act as a regulator, not a company on its own, he added. The function of the family unit, he said. An appeal by the government to urge the industry to produce is an important development for the country and should formulate a policy to promote the industry, Bhagwat said. 

Small industries should complement large industries, he said, adding that the focus should be on people, not profits. Think of each economic entity as a family and help the economy as an engine of employment, Bhagwat said. The government should set the direction to bring about important developments in the country, “he said. There should be a focus on research and development, MSMEs, and inter-sector cooperation, he added. The state should support and encourage industry.

Control of consumption is necessary to ensure the exploitation of natural resources, Bhagwat said. A standard of living should not depend on how much we earn or how much we can give, he said. We should be happy when we think about well-being. “To be happy, we need sound finances and we need financial strength,” he says. 

We do not believe in full nationalization because it is not true that a nation is an industry. It has to come from within, “Bhagwat said. We do not trade internationally because our production takes place in the villages. We produce at home and don’t put anything on the market, “he said. It’s a family unit job, “he said. 

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