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Happy Eid: A festival of piece and non violence

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Yes Indians, a very happy eid to all of you, once again you have a chance to prove your secularism and a “Liberal Mindset”

This great festival of celebration begins on the land where cattle are not only saved but also worshiped. Yes you thought right, it would be foolish of you if you question the logic behind this most scientific practice of a religion which sacrifices a cattle on behalf of spiritual fiefdom, where the great thinker of all time (Ibrahim) wants to prove if god loves him, by sacrificing the life of his own son. On this very auspicious day of Bakri-Eid, remark of the great school of thought of him(Ibrahim), we mark the whole celebration, by slaughtering a GOAT (in mark of Ibrahim’s son).

But as these kafirs mark that Kalyug’s on it’s peak, we can’t see GOAT to be re-incarnated, as we know that re-incarnation isn’t reality and only a myth by these IDOL worshipers.

And on the other hand, these uncivilized people mark a ‘fast’ on their every occasion, which seems weird as God himself gifts us with whole nature to consume.And if we aren’t satisfied he(God) himself serves with rivers of honey and champagnes, along with 72 bond girls maybe more than that, but while making sure that our wives at home should wear a full peti-coat , as it would protect her from evil sight of sun.

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