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मै बकरी हुँ: इंडिया के राष्ट्रपिता माने जाने वाले महात्मा गांधी हमारा हि दूध पीते थे

मै बकरी हुँ, मै और मेरा समुदाय हमारा पालन पोषण करने वाले मानवो के लिए एक उद्योग या रोजगार के माध्यम के रूप में देखे जाते और उपयोग में लाये जाते रहे हैँ।

Happy Eid: A festival of piece and non violence

This great festival of celebration begins on the land where cattle are not only saved but also worshiped.

Supreme Court ban on sale of crackers: How far legally justifiable?

A practicing high-court advocate discuses the legal sustainability of the ban on sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR.

Ashutosh, check your facts on Hindutva

Whne will AAP and its leaders come out of the disguise that they are still trusted by common country people?

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