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GoI versus Twitter: Does Dorsey even take India seriously?

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Lately, multiple reports from various media houses stating that Twitter Inc. has lost its ‘intermediary’ status as per the Government of India’s IT regulations started doing rounds on social media. While there’s no official statement from the concerned authorities yet, recent developments made by Uttar Pradesh’s Loni police suggest the rumors be true.

Twitter supporting a particular political ideology has been an open secret for quite some time now. The absolute banal statements that its officials make (if they ever do so) in response to the queries made from anyone who misaligns with them either politically or ideologically while rampantly promoting the content, irrespective of its legality and authenticity, from handles of ideological Twins is what Twitter has been found guilty of on numerous occasions in the past. Added to that, its failure to comply with the new IT laws has made the relationship between Raisina Hills and the San Francisco-based Left-Leaning Micrblogging Site, a convoluted affair.

Recently, Twitter marked several tweets by Pro-BJP handles as ‘anipulated Media’ based on the ‘Fact Check’ done by the alleged ‘Fact Checking’ outfit AltNews. While the originally tweeted document’s authenticity still needs to be proven by the Indian judiciary, Twitter chose its side rather hurriedly, thus hugely skewing the public sentiment. In another, much recent incident, the editor of the aforementioned website, Muhammed Zubair posted an intentionally muted video in which an old man is being thrashed by a bunch of goons and claimed that the said group forced the elderly to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Vande Mataram’.

When the police investigated the original media, it came to light that the violent goons and the man being thrashed belonged to the same religious community, and the brawl happened on accusations of cheating over the making of some amulets. As soon as the artificially constructed facade of Communal Tensions thrashed, Zubair stealthily deleted the earlier tweet and issued a lukewarm statement while trying to maintain his moral high ground. Well-known propagandist, JNU-educated screen artist, Swara Bhaskar, and particularly unfunny comedian Kunal Kamra along with high-pitched, shrill-voiced, (mostly) logically-malnourished INC spokespersons followed a similar suit. As of now, an FIR has been lodged against these fake news peddlers and Twitter Inc. itself by the UP Police.

There have been numerous incidents in the past as well where Twitter has selectively muted voices from a particular camp while promoting topics as dangerous as Vaccine Hesitancy and Civil unrest from the other side.

One possible reason for this attitude of the site is that it is banking on the infamously slow and sluggish nature of proceedings under the Indian judicial framework. Whatever the reason may be, as of now, Twitter is the only social media giant that is still operating in India without complying with the laws of the Indian republic. And such is our handicap, that to tweet against Twitter, all we can do is post a ‘Tweet’ on Twitter!

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