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Just can’t ignore Twitter & NYT bravados

If the citizens of India won’t wake up now against the all-round, well-planned and organized assaults on our national sovereignty, forget that there will ever have any time for India to recoup.

Twitter complacency in India: Follows the government rules in Australia, then why not in India?

Not only in Australia but other Countries like Germany and United States, Twitter complies with the law of the land, but is reluctant to do so in India.

GoI versus Twitter: Does Dorsey even take India seriously?

One possible reason for Twitter's such attitude of the site is that it is banking on the infamously slow and sluggish nature of proceedings under the Indian judicial framework.

Is Twitter another East India Company?

India after 72 years after independence from British is going through a similar situation from social media companies like Twitter dominating Indian politics and overtaking the decisions of democratically elected leaders and even judicial entities on what to do and what not to do citing Freedom of Speech.

क्या ‘पश्चिम केन्द्रित’ सोशल मीडिया तय करेगा सही-गलत की परिभाषा?

सोशल मिडिया, ऊपर से भारत जैसा युवा वाला देश सोशल मिडिया उपयोग कर्ता की भरमार, सस्ता इन्टरनेट, खूब मनोरंजन और ऊपर से राजनैतिक चर्चाये आज बात सोशल मिडिया की खूबियों की नही बात होगी इस पर पश्चिम के अधिपत्य की।

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