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West Bengal election 2021: ‘Bengali sub-nationalism’ akin to ‘Bangladishi nationalism’

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Results of West Bengal election 2021 clarify that majority of Bengali Hindus of West Bengal are victims of fraudulent ‘Bengali sub-nationalism’ which is akin to ‘Bangladishi nationalism’. On the other hand, majority of Bengali Muslims of West Bengal support ‘Bengali sub-nationalism’ as a tactical move only, which Bengali Hindus refuse to understand.

Majority Bengali Muslims of West Bengal, like Muslims anywhere in the world, believe in achieving Islamic hegemony sooner or later. As a proof of their intent, one can refer to the going of two-third of British Bengal to Islamic East Pakistan in 1947. The Direct Action Day of Muslim League in Calcutta on 16 August 1946 can be forgotten only by the Bengali Hindus of West Bengal, irrespective of they being local or descendants of refugee from East Pakistan / Bangladesh.

Another fact is ‘minority appeasement’ can be a positive deciding factor in election outcome, if the minority constitutes a huge proportion of population in a state like West Bengal, where it is more than 30 per cent. The next fact is Congress and Communist Parties have lost relevance in West Bengal now. They are gone forever.

The result of West Bengal 2021 election is a watershed in the geo-political narrative of the state. It makes the majority of Bengali Hindus of the state pole bearers of Bengali sub-nationalism instead of Indian nationalism.

West Bengal 2021 election is the beginning of the end of West Bengal Hindus. The slogan “Jai Bangla”, presently used in West Bengal, was the major slogan of Bangladesh freedom struggle. The bottom line is in the coming 50 years, most of the middle class Bengali Hindus will be Diaspora. This process has started 44 years back and will reach the peak in coming decades. And their lands, homes and jobs will be in the hands of Bengali Muslims. Or will they be Bangladeshi Muslims? 

Every state deserves its ruling leader. West Bengal is no exception. Being uncouth, ill-informed, liar, anti-Hindu and abusive doesn’t affect the victory of that leader.

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