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TMC Sweeps West Bengal

BJP’s Bengal defeat: How Mamata did a Modi on Modi

Development+ Secularism gang will be ready to challenge BJP in 2024.

Mahua Moitra, You only know how to win election by making false promises

You know how to spread lies to win just one election to retain in power, but democracy knows how to reply back.

Bengal: Is TMC disrespecting people’s mandate?

After 2011 people of Bengal desperately wanted a change and that change came through Trinamool Congress. But it soon became what it fought against.

बंगाल चुनाव: 213:77 के अनुपात का अर्थ क्या? भा.ज.पा के लिए आशा की किरण या निराशा की वजह

“बंगाल में, भाजपा का 2016 में, 3 सीटों से बढ़ कर 2021 में, 77 सीटों पर आना, निश्चित ही सामान्य बात नहीं है, जहां 2016 के विधानसभा चुनावों में भाजपा का मत प्रतिशत 10% था, वहीं 2021 में, 38.1% हो गया है, हालांकि 2019 के लोक सभा चुनवों से ये, 2.2 प्रतिशत की घटत है, पर भविष्य में ये कौन सा मोड़ लेता हैं, यह देखना रुचिकर होगा, भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस व वाम दलों के शून्य पे सिमट जाने से, वर्त्तमान में, बंगाल के राजनीति का द्विध्रुवीकरण भी कई राजनैतिक आसंकाओ के उत्पत्ति का कारण है”।।

CM Mamta Banejee meets her match; Suvendu Adhikari becomes the Leader Of Opposition in West-Bengal Vidhan Sabha

It is pertinent to note that with 77 seats, BJP emerges as a second largest party in the West Bengal & would play a role of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly.

Bengal elections: Behind the numbers

Is CM Mamta still not confident about her future that the entire TMC cadre has been asked to resort to violence, or is there something behind the propaganda of the Media which is rattling the TMC so it is resorting to large scale violence, intimidation after the results are announced?

Modi ji, we did not elect a Statesman but a Politician

It won't be Modi or Shah or Nadda or Ghosh or Supriyo or Adhikari who would be at the receiving end of this horrific manslaughter but the common, poor men and women who dared to vote for their party.

Cruel Caesar Bengalicus – A history lover’s reading of the violence in Bengal

The land of Rabindranath Tagore cannot be ruled by a malevolent dictator who has people killed just for holding the "wrong" political views.

Why BJP lost in Bengal and what now?

The field now seems to lie open for a free for all play of violence of the kind we are witnessing today unless the new government acts decisively and fairly.

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