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The snapshots you can’t ignore: Take from WB election results for India’s tomorrow

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  1. What West Bengal thinks today, India thinks never.
  2. Secular and Marxist Bongs blame Hindu Mahasabha for creation of Islamic East Pakistan. Similarly, they will blame RSS when West Bengal will be Islamized. They don’t see that they are the cause.
  3. Saudi Arabia has incorporated Ramayana and Mahabharata in its school curricula. This must have made Indian Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal confused, clueless and angry.
  4. BJP lost West Bengal election 2021 as Congress and Communist Parties became ‘vote katua’ of non-Muslim votes in the state.
  5. Secularism for Islamists (and by extension all Muslims) is a tactical move.  As per Islam, secularism can’t be their ideology or conviction.
  6. Indian Left-Liberal-Secular cabal eats beef to show solidarity with one minority community. When will they start marrying first cousin to strengthen that solidarity?
  7. Before 2 May 2021 TMC supremo of West Bengal publicly promised to purchase Covid 19 vaccine to launch free vaccination for the people of her state. But now she has gone to Supreme Court demanding free vaccine from Central government.
  8. Pakistan was not created by people of Pakistan. It was created mainly by Muslims of UP, Bihar and Bengal. After truncation of Bengal, Islamism persisted in West Bengal. Then Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu have added with West Bengal. We are square back to 1940.
  9. Secular, Liberal and Islamist journalists of India are behaving like vultures on Covid 19 situation in India. They have intentionally failed to understand that the quantum of Covid 19 problem in India is equal to the sum total of same in whole of Europe, USA, Brazil and Russia. As on date, the number of cases and deaths per million populations in India is far better than all developed countries. But anti-Indians are always anti-Indians.
  10. During recent West Bengal election Bengali Hindus have got a new God named “Vishnu Maata”.
  11. The Muslim Takeover of West Bengal:

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