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Pak Media applaud Mamta for keeping BJP out of power

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A day after Mamta concede her win from the Bengal with a clear sweep of around two-third of majority, Pakistan media started printing news and story about it and snub the Central government of India especially personally targeting PM Modi. Pak media tries their level best to portray Modi incapable of handling BJP and the nation now.

If we try to sum of whole of the issue we can say that “BJP ki haar se opposition khush tha, par use jaayda kush Pakistan tha” meaning that Opposition was happy after BJP looses, but Pakistan was more happy even than the opposition.

The headline of top Pak daily newspaper says that “Mamta wrecks Modi façade in west Bengal”. Further this article reads “A weakened and dented prime minister could tempt it to ponder over a serious opposition unity that Mamata Banerjee has been calling for”. It is quite obvious that their sole purpose is to defame and insult Modi and current ruling party of India and to make a new wave inside common man that the downfall of Modi has started and it will end soon.

As the internal politics of Pak is not going on well(as usual), recently there were full scale riots all over country, Inflation rate is very high, value of Pak rupee is going deep down, burden of loans is increasing at the speed of light so Pak media is covering this to divert their common people anger from the real issues which the Pak PM is not able to resolve to this.

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