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Akhilesh repeats his mistake to keep up with the alliance partners after the election loss

After the massive loss of the opposition in the 2022 U.P state assembly election by the NDA, the cracks in the SP-led alliance are visible.

UP election: The perfect blend of “Kamandal and Mandal” politics

With more than 400 state assembly seats and around 80 loksabha seats UP tops the priority meter of any political party weather it is...

Rawat surrenders his CM post: Will Mamta be second in the row?

Teerath Singh Rawat who took his oath just four months back resigns as the CM of Uttarakhand and was replaced by Pushkar Singh Dhami,...

Rise of hardliners in Middle East: Is this the sign of WWIII?

During last 10 days there have been unprecedented changes in the politics of Middle East. From rise of Nefali Bennet, Israeli PM to the Iran's new president-elect, Ebrahim Raisi.

Pak FM under huge pressure back offs from his “India’s Internal matters” remark

There are also strong rumors that Pakistan is trying too hard to settle all the issue with India including Kashmir issue because of its financial situation.

How Bengal looks like after TMC’s win

BJP supporters and members were brutally beaten till death, their houses were destroyed only to prove the political domination by TMC goons. This video will give us a proper understanding about it:

Pak Media applaud Mamta for keeping BJP out of power

A day after Mamta concede her win from the Bengal with a clear sweep of around two-third of majority, Pakistan media started printing news...

One step forward in “Congress Mukt Bharat”

As soon as the counting of 4 states and 1 Union territory assembly election begins it became clear that the voters of these places have also contributed in “Congress Mukt Abhiyan” mission.

Bhimrao “Ramji” Ambedkar to Bhimrao Amedkar

From our childhood till adult we were taught that his name was B.R Ambedkar or Babasaheb Ambedkar, but why not RAMJI? Because RAMJI didn’t fit in the narrative of those so called secular historians and parties.

“Physiological Attack” on SOUTH ASIA by WEST via recent US Intel report

There is also a chance that by this report US is trying to play physiological games with mainly India, China, and Pakistan.

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