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One step forward in “Congress Mukt Bharat”

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As soon as the counting of 4 states and 1 Union territory assembly election begins it became clear that the voters of these places have also contributed in “Congress Mukt Abhiyan” mission. Whether it is Bengal, Assam, or Pondicherry, Congress is not also able to gain power in Kerala. Only in Tamil Nadu congress is in power only because it is in power with DMK. DMK alone has the majority, congress has not played any significant role here.

Kerala which is considered as a “Pendulum State” which changes it’s state government after every 5 years, voters has changed this decades old political myth and helped LEFT to regain its “only left state”. Kerala was the place where Rahul Gandhi has invested his all his energy doing rallies on loop, Congress has also used almost all of his machinery and power to regain Kerala but was failed by a huge margin.

INC had a golden opportunity to be the ruling party in Assam, but because of lack of leading capacity of both Central and state leaders of INC, congress was not able to grab it. INC tries their level best and toss the topic of CAA fully but cannot make the voters of Assam to be with them. It was because last ruling years of INC was like hell for Assamese, people are not able to forget those years till today. Also, the alliance partner of congress, AIUDF has a very disturbing image in the eyes of common people f Assam, which proves as a disaster for Congress.

Congress was not even close in the fight in West Bengal and Pondicherry. There seems to be a neck to neck fight between TMC and BJP in Bengal but TMC sweeps up Bengal with a unexpectedly huge margin. And BJP wins Pondicherry quite easily, it was not even a close fight between INC and BJP.

DMK led alliance in which congress was also a partner wins up in Tamil Nadu. But the matter of concern for INC is that, DMK alone has the number of majority so INC will not get proper place in this state government and not even have a strong say in state decisions.

Only reason for the collapse of INC going on in whole of the country is that party only believes in the person with surname Gandhi, there is no place of talent, many leader have left INC and made their own way because of this issue. The consistency of loosing state of Rahul Gandhi is unmatchable. The main problem which congress will face in the coming years is its existence as a national party. If INC wants to rise again, it has to come out of Nepotism as soon as possible otherwise INC will soon become only a state party.

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