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“Physiological Attack” on SOUTH ASIA by WEST via recent US Intel report

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We all know that for now the most dangerous weapon to attack any country is by Nuclear powers and other deadly missiles and go on a full-scale war. That is what going on between all the countries for centuries. But now superpowers like the USA and other big countries in the west and all over the world rely on Soft Powers. They play with the mind of the leaders and peoples of these regions as they feel threatended.

Recently, a US based organization Global Trends released a report namely “FIVE-YEAR REGIONAL OUTLOOK IN SOUTH ASIA”. In which they states many Unstable movements which can be seen in coming 5 years in South Asian region.

There is also a chance that by this report US is trying to play physiological games with mainly India, China, and Pakistan. With their good track records of predictions, they can get help from the past in manipulating masses. Predictions of soo many incidents can also be seen as to create more difference and disrupt in South Asia {where the current rival countries of US are} to eliminate US rivals, mainly CHINA and INDIA. By showing a high probability of large scale war between India-Pak and Ind-China, there can be a situation where after these reports these countries starts to focus more on the borders, security, defense which can be beneficial for the US in two ways.
Firstly, if South Asian countries start to spend more resources on defense, no one can compete with the US.

Secondly, the US is also a big exporter of arms and defense types of equipment, so if war happens whether small or big scale they will surely buy defense types of equipment from him. We all are aware of the US’s records, of what it has done to the Middle East, Afghanistan, and many countries to bring peace.

Unfolding of the Report

Now lets specifically come on the mention of the words in the report and analyze them in the other possible way around -:
“India and China may slip into a conflict” this statement looks quite simple as there was a lot of tension on India-China border which also leads to the death of a couple of soldiers from both sides and after some time both the nations shows maturity and resolve the tensions at last. But if we look and try to understand this sentence in other way we can clearly see that by this they are trying to provocate the other nation indirectly as both the nation will start to take caution after this soo called warning in the report. Which in turn will directly benefit west.

“India and Pak may stumble into a large scale war” the reason for putting out this statement can be the past track record of India and Pak on LOC, with 3 wars fought between these two nation all of which was won by India. But on the other hand if we try to unfold this statement with present context we can find somewhat the reason for Provocation.


We all know that in today’s world there are high chances of conspiracy behind almost everything. So we cannot leave this report too which can create a lot of impact on a big part of region. This report can leave a negative impact because of its flawless prediction in the past. So as on their past track record, these nations for whose they have predicted war in coming years will start to worry and feel threatened by their neighborhood thus investing a huge chunk of their underdeveloped nation hard-earned money on the border issue, which can be used in Education sector, Medical and other sectors but because National security is always a priority to every nation they are bound to do this. As a result, their rival will also not feel safe as their rival nation is building huge infrastructure on the border this all scenario will lead to a deadly war.

At last, I can conclude this by saying that all of this report of Global Trend is not only a Prediction but also a Big Physiological Attack

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