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National Register of Citizens (NRC): Tool for protecting the borders of Bharat (India)

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National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the register who maintain the legal records of their countries citizen. It ensures the authority of the people of our country and protects the country from Illegal immigration.

National Register Of Citizen is the most favorable and acceptable method to protect the borders from illegal immigration who can spread in various parts of our country and create a nuisance, violence, and crimes in the country. It is said in one research paper that according to the International Organization of Migration reveals that there would be 214 million illegal migration as per the 2010 census, which would likely increase 30-50 Million worldwide. It is recorded that most of the time these Illegal immigrants become a threat to the nation.

Now, the question arises why this migration is done? Why people leave their natives and move to another location. There may be various factors in it but these are some common issues i.e. Socioeconomic differences, cultural differences, environmental and climate issues, religious, socio and political persecution. Every country has its laws to give citizenship. Every country has its Refugee homes equipped with some standard or extra facilities. Still, people dare to enter the borders illegally. These people come illegally and spread nearby markets and in some homes provided by smugglers which leads to the frequent drastic change in the demography of that area. Next, come how this illegal immigration is done, it is done in various methods some of that are

  • Border Crossing
  • Overstaying Beyond the Visa Period
  • Sham Marriages
  • Brokers Greed

The question arises, does the illegal Immigration impact the country? If yes then what would be the impact? First of all, if the immigrants enter the country without coming to the notice of the government, then how will the government know who is the citizen of the country and who is from outside. Citizens of the country have the first right to the resources and facilities provided by the government. If illegal immigrants come and merge into the national population without a legal notification then it would create an imbalance into the system and it may lead to scarcity of resources and facilities. This is the main reason why this illegal immigration should stop.

Countries borders are like a boundary wall of the house that should be fully maintained and protect the house from illegal movements. Once it is broken or somebody enters the home by crossing this boundary illegally then next would be the most bizarre things happen which is a crime that never sees anything. The same case is done in country borders, once a population enters illegally in a country then these populations can be used to create a nuisance, crime, and terrorist attacks. The most vulnerable impact is demographic changes which can disturb the local population.It may lead to migration in its own country and that is the most embarrassing movement for any country and their citizen.

The most heinous crime is done due to a lack of security at borders. We all know Bharat has been a living example of these continuous terrorist attacks. All these terrorists are entering illegally. In the 26/11 Mumbai attack, Bharat has lost their loved ones. Not only loved ones but also the future of Bharat. The world sees the killing and brutal murders of humanity. If we look at the root cause of this terrorist attack, what is it? It is the cause of Illegal entry through the border of India. They traveled from Karachi Pakistan through Boat in which they kill the fisherman and take their boat and enter in the boat. If these terrorists were stopped and shot down at the border after knowing their Intention then many lives we can save on that day.

In a social media report, it is said that illegal sim cards have been allotted on India – Bangladesh border. Further, all the previous attacks i.e. 2006 Mumbai train attack,1993 Bombay blast,2001 parliament attack, etc. all these attacks have only and only one root which is illegal immigration from borders through illegal methods, and then they spread all through the country. It will not only the hazardous situation of countries security but also leads to a significant change in demography.

One research paper states, as per the census of India 2001 the migration in India is 314 million in which Bangladeshi migrants are 10-20 million which is considered to be the largest illegal immigration in India. Further, the World Migrant Report states that 17 million undocumented Bangladeshis are in India. It raises the question that what if the majority of these countries’ people will also enter Bharat (India) boundaries illegally for no reason just to promote their Ideology. Now, if we look at some data it shows that 850,000 Rohingya refugees living currently in Bangladesh. In which 40,000 Rohingya Muslims have crossed the border illegally to India where 18,000 were registered in UNHRC.

Next, what is the impact of this illegal immigration in India by Rohingya? As per the record, the religious demography has been changed significantly due to dirty politics. The unabated illegal trespassing to India, border regions have around 60–70% Muslim population. Where Hindu population has been declined from 78% to 70% in West Bengal. In Kerala, the declination is 70% to 55%. This serious surge of demo graphical changes affect many things including politics. In a piece of recent news, there was an arrest of 14 Rohingyas including 8 women who unnecessarily argued to the train conductor when he asked about not matching their identities with given id proofs. Late on after arrest, they confess that they flee away from the cox bazaar in Bangladesh. Another news came in 2019 that four Rohingya Muslims were arrested for stealing metro cable wires.

Many news came out with horrible security issues which need us to think of strong bills and their implementation. Fake aadhar cards have been issued to these Illegal immigrants. Home union minister Mr. Kiran Rijiju in 2018 was stated that Rohingya Muslims have caught with fake Aadhar cards, Pan Card, Passport. In a statement, he added that most of these “Illegal Immigrants are staying at  Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, Karnataka, and Kerala”. He also said that they are also involved in Illegal Activities. Rohingyas were arrested including a woman in 2013 at Hyderabad. They have a false bonafide certificate of residence based on which false announcement has been given by government officials.

On 12th December 2019 when the CAA bill passes with the majority we see the brutal riots which not only destroy the peace and humanity of the country but create an imbalance in society. They showed that their Ideology is above democracy. In the name of riots, they repeat the Kashmir 2.0. Violence, rapes, Murders, and roots of these riots are Illegal entries from Kashmir borders and illegal NGO’S funding through foreign agencies. We have also seen the Riots in West Bengal where most of the Muslims probably Rohingiyas pelted stones, burn the train, lay down on railway tracks much more and they do this by wearing a mask of an Indian Muslim who is a legal citizen of Bharat. It is claimed by Railways that they face 90 crores damage of Railways Property.

Special Investigating Team has found illegal Bangladeshi involvement in Seelampur and Seemapuri Delhi anti CAA protest. Words can be less but these illegal immigrants illegal activities are infinite. It can be lesser or maybe vanished if we protect our borders from paper to ground. These investigations are still going on but the question is are our borders secure? Now, we move to the next question i.e. how the world protects its borders and what they’re penalizing for breaking them. In India crossing Border illegally is a crime, Illegal persons may face Imprisonment for 2 to 8 years and a fine for illegal entry; up to 3 months’ imprisonment, fine, or both for entry without a passport or with a forged passport/visa. Penalization across the globe regarding crossing borders Illegally :

1.USA: For the first improper entry offense, the person can be fined (as a criminal penalty), or imprisoned for up to six months, or both. For a subsequent offense, the person can be fined or imprisoned for up to two years, or both.

2.JAPAN: Imprisonment for not more than 3 years and/or fine, and deportation.

3.CHINA: Imprisonment, criminal detention, or public surveillance, and fine, depending on nature of the offense; foreigners also subject to deportation.

4.ISRAEL: 5 years’ imprisonment, fine, or both.

5. North Korea: Announced a new policy of harshly punishing border crossers with prison sentences of up to five years. Anyone imprisoned in North Korea is liable to face abusive conditions including beatings, forced labor, and starvation far worse than among the population at large.

All the horrendous and worse situations mentioned above which directly affect human life and public properties due to Illegal Immigrants in Bharat have a one-stop solution which is the National Register of Citizens. In many countries, it is named as some different terms but has the same intent to keep the records of citizens. Below is the information of some countries have NRC like policy :

1.Belgium:  Belgium maintains a National Register (Registre National) of citizens and resident foreigners. The register is administered centrally by the Ministry of the Interior (SPF Intérieur (IBZ)) and locally by Belgian municipalities and embassies. Citizens and resident foreigners are issued with a National Register Number which features on their identity card.

2.South Africa: In South Africa, vital records are contained in the National Population Register, which is maintained by the national Department of Home Affairs. Any Home Affairs office can record a vital event or issue a certified copy of a vital record.

3.Russia: In Russia, there is Resident Registration In Russia which is Under the current registration program, Russian citizens must register if they live in the same place for 90 days (for Belarusian citizens in Russia and vice versa, registration is required after 30 days).

There are two types of registration:

  1. Permanent registration: Registration of citizens at the place of residence 
  2. Temporary registration: Registration of citizens at the place of temporary residence 

4.USA: In the USA, all things are considered in Green Card. To get the green card first you need to stay in the USA for 5 years. It is a valid authorized card that permits you to live in the USA for an infinite time. Permanent residents remain the citizen of another country. So every time you travel outside the United States, you must carry the passport of that country with you, as well as your U.S. green card. You will use your green card to reenter the United States.

5.Japan: The details of citizens in Japan are maintained in two ways one is Kosek Family Registry and the other one is Juminhyo. A brief detail of these terms are given below:

Koseki family registry is an official document that registers every Japanese citizen, and it plays the role of all birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates. Please note it doesn’t register non-Japanese citizens. 

 Juminhyo is made for eligible foreign residents, such as those entitled to a residence card and special permanent residents. A resident record indicates your full name, sex, date of birth, address, etc.

6. Switzerland: In Switzerland, it is mandatory to register yourself in the Swiss Civil Status Register. Foreign documents must fulfill conditions before being registered into the Swiss civil status register.

7.Canada: A civil status document refers to a legal record of the important events in the lives of the citizens and residents of a country. A civil status document, therefore, can be seen as an identity document but an identity document is not necessarily a civil status document.

Now, we have seen across the globe every country maintain a legal record of their citizen which ensures the first legal right of citizen on countries resources and other benefits given by the government. Also, it helps a lot of countries to recognize the illegal immigrants of the country. It ensures the safety and security of the country. Many countries named NRC as civil registration which is mandatory for every citizen to register themselves.

If we look in the Bharat (India) scenario there is no legal register that ensures the citizen of Bharat (India). We don’t have one register that claims the authorized identity of Indian Citizenship. In this bizarre and horrendous scenario which Bharat (India) is facing now in terms of terrorist attacks, riots, smuggling in various forms, demographical changes, it is not only the need but is a national security issue that would be somehow can be resolved through National Register of Citizen (NRC). It is the situation that calls for strict bills and their Implementation which ensures the safety of Bharat(India) people.

Moving further if we look at the very near Post Poll Violence In West Bengal India after the landslide victory of TMC in 2021, the situation gives you goosebumps as the crime crosses all the levels. It is to be claimed that TMC goons in which most of them are Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh India border which is having fake aadhar, id cards give these goons a mask of Indian Citizen where they did open crime on day and night continued to 2- 3 days where mass murders, open gang-rape and killings of innocent people most are from the village is raised a question that from where these mobs have come. If we look at the significant demographic change of  West Bengal where Hindus need to flee from their homes due to alternate but continuous attacks on Hindu homes and colonies. The question arises that how this significant change has been done.

National Security is a wide and broader issue for every country. As India is sharing her boundaries with three countries which are not likely to be a well-wisher of Bharat (India). In this issue, there has been a mandatory situation that Bharat should ensure the legal records of their citizen. Our boundaries should be covered with walls and should be equipped with the advanced model of protection at boundaries. There should be Radar System for monitoring illegal activities. Punishment should be more strict so that nobody will dare to enter illegally. For those who claim that Human Beings are not Illegal, of course, human beings are not illegal but once they did illegal activities or involved themselves in Illegal activities which shook the entire humanity then obviously we need to say human beings can be Illegal. Also, it would be a suggestion that please open up your doors, windows, and break your boundaries in which anyone can enter your home. They can use anything, they can take things off your homes which are earned through your hard -work with many sleepless nights then you will realize the Importance of boundary and security.

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