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Mamata Didi- Mussolini, Saddam or Hitler?

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Mamata Banerjee’s party has won Bengal with a huge majority with the BJP not even crossing the hundred seat mark. Despite the victory it appears as if Mamata Didi is unable to digest her loss against Suvendu Adhikari.

Bengal and post-election Violence have always been on debates. Since the days of the communists it was a common scene in Bengal. However this time the situation is really condemnable. Loss of BJP has put the lives of BJP workers and voters to great risk. Violence has broken out in most parts of the Bengal. The people who used to call Modi Government as a fascist one are silent these days. They don’t want to show India what real fascism means.

Heard from someone, “Hitler one with a huge majority and many Jews were slaughtered, same is the case in Bengal.”

The video shows how the TMC supporters have gathered in mass numbers and are hell bent on cursing Suvendu Adhikari. In the End we can her the Bengali words, “Chor chor chotta Sisir baabur cheleta.” Shishir Adhikari is Suvendu Adhikari’s father. The slogan means that Shishir Adhikari’s son is a ‘CHOR’.

Even while the rallies were on, she had said that she will see what the BJP workers will do once the Central Forces leave Bengal. Looks as if her party workers have very seriously taken her words. Attacks on BJP workers, burning party offices, looting of their shops and houses and gang rapes have become a very common scene in West Bengal. The TMC goons are not only attacking the youth but also the old aged and children. Be it the attack on Suvendu Adhikari’s car or the threats to Swapan Dasgupta and Babul Supriyo, the TMC have not left any stone unturned to make the lives of BJP supporters worse than hell.

A recent tweet by Suvendu Adhikari clearly shows how women are being molested and beaten by the TMC workers. Babul Supriyo adds on his tweets by showing two videos on how the lives of BJP workers are now being threatened in the entire Bengal.

This time the way TMC workers have harassed their opposition workers is shameless. The way they are behaving this time clearly indicates that the TMC people are unable to accept the fact that their Didi, who’s also called a street warrior has lost from the seat she was counting. Well whether she is a street warrior or not that’s for others to decide but this is for sure that after 2nd May all TMC workers have become street warriors.

While the violence has been burning the streets of Bengal, Kailash Vijayvargiya has asked Mamata Didi to ask her workers not to do any harm to BJP supporters.

JP Nadda has reached Kolkata. He had urged for a nationwide Dharna for the violent attacks on the BJP workers.

But will this Dharna suffice? Will Mamata listen to Kailash ji’s request. The answer is still doubtable. If this continues BJP cadres will again be back to zero and for the next elections they’ll again have to bring up new supporters. The Dharna will definitely not be sufficient to cater to the losses that the BJP workers have incurred in Mamata Didi’s territory.

God Save the BJP supporters!

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