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Carry on blaming Modi

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This started as a conversation on a whatsapp group with someone starting the usual tirade against the Central government (Read Modi) saying this is the right thing to do (shout on whatsapp groups). The tirade started with Covid and then went to Rafale and institutions. It became more and more divergent as proofs were offered on various issues. Sharing my points here.

First up, did the government bungle in its handling of the second wave? Yes to a great extent. We all thought that the worst was behind us. So, yes, the second wave definitely took us by surprise. We could have been better prepared across levels – be it state, central government or local authorities. No state – BJP or others had anticipated this. At this point it is expedient to blame Modi – but if you are going to say BMC commissioner is doing a good thing, Kerala is doing a good thing or Nandurbar is doing well or Assam is doing well – decide for yourself who you want to blame or give credit to.

Why is PMCares not in action and not setting up hospitals? And PM cares is not transparent. PMCares is very much in action. There is enough information in public domain – for instance – ventilators are funded by PMCares. Oygen plants have been funded.

On the other hand there is a Rajeev Gandhi foundation which is a private foundation which allocated prime land for itself in Delhi and to which corporates donate rather generously. I told him, I never heard you crib about that – isnt that also the right thing to do?

And by the way, read up on new AIIMs commissioned and in the pipeline.

Why is a stadium named after Modi – as you can see the argument went in all directions. About 500 schemes are named after one family. Jawarhalal Nehru stadium, airport, award. Indira canteen. Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna. They are everywhere, like a plague. Never heard you crib about that -isnt that also the right thing to do? Most urban area buses had JNNURM written on them for year. What is JNNURM – Just New Name Under Raja Modi? So its one stadium – deal with it. Another 100 things can be named – it is a non sequitur.

Why isnt the Rajeev Gandhi foundation building hospitals? Atleast in Amethi? Or Rae Bareilly? Never heard you crib about that – isnt that also the right thing to do? Oh wait, RGF is also donating crores for covid relief – if you can find that news, share.

Why is vaccine not free and universal and provided by centre? Rahul Gandhi wanted states to procure vaccine – SoGa writes centre should procure vaccine. Nice hedging of bets no?

Want to hold Modi responsible? Sure. Hold him responsible for allowing the farmers protest to continue – and recent data has shown that the farmers protest is the primary fount of the second wave in north India.

Want to hold Modi responsible? Sure. Hold him responsible for judicial overreach and letting the court take decisions instead of the government.

So, net net, yes…central government did fail in anticipatedness of the covid second wave, but that is a shared responsibility with various state governments. So, while is politically convenient to go Modi, Modi on everything, also remember that in the middle of the pandemic, people are hoarding medicines, cylinders, black marketing, bed scams, fake test reports – where is our basic humanity?

Journalists are building their careers on the backdrop of funeral pyres. People are scamming others by asking for funds and taking this into their personal accounts. Are we so pathetic? Really? And this is also a Modi issue?

So, while you can carry on blaming Modi the reality is much more than that…

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