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BLM protests – Farmers’ protest

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If one look at it from a telescopic view, you would find a same motive behind it. To bring a ever popular Govt to its knees. And this is what Urban naxalites are good at. Just see how the machinery works. First they zeeo in on a agenda to create a campaign for usually related to down trodded class especially which has a say in electoral. Guidlines are set and then Paparaji are sent on hunt to find an image, shoot a video.. Those who are wondering what is the substance to make such observation. So just ponder on this, was this the first time that a person is mauled or killed by police. Weren’t there such incidence at the time of Obama.

An article in The Gaurdian which dates back to 2015 when Obama was in power states that “US police killings headed for 1,100 this year, with black Americans twice as likely to die”. Or has black killings have stopped after the elections suddenly and US has become heaven for blacks?

Just see how a single incident which is not the first of its kind is so well snapped and video captured to set a narrative. Overnight it becomes a national issue , people are brought on streets right when US was going through second wave. See the timings, May 30 BLM protest start and US faced the 2nd wave in June

This is the fact from where the Urban Naxalites get their strength from. People react very quickly to a burning topic and remain reacting till its burning , the moment it stops burning they forget. So they have created a machine to set an issue burning and for how long. They have their resources both financial and human at various places of power like in govt, media, NGOs all over the world, and they act like inseparable part of a machinery which is hired by the vested interests from time to time. This is the modern age warfare in which downtrodden are used as fuel by those who were actually exploiting them in the system. Just imagine a registered Mandi broker fighting for the rights of farmers, a rag to riches farmer talking of farmers right, even though when other farmers were committing suicide, he was accumulating wealth, a political party who has already Agriculture Contract farming ACT since 2013 in force in its state is opposing the bill.

And the same experiment is being done by Urban Naxalities on the behest of vested interest, in India.

In first wave, an opposition leader running the capital, allows a congregation in hiding and allows them be a super spreader as they spread out in the whole country. Then suddenly very cleverly an issues is picked up which will have a national repercussion. Ironically one of the major stakeholder state has already one of the Act in force since 2013. The contract Act farming ACT Punjab 2013, which has punitive provisions for the farmers if unable to perform the contract. As India is with it enormous population still holding grounds, these vested interests are all out to uproot her feet. The latest in line is call for 26 May, 2021. Govt agencies should be at vigil because as it can be on same pattern on what happened in US last year around May 30. The vested interests would try its best to fuel incidents to disrupt the social peace as they tried on 15th August 2020. And may extend one step further to bring such situation in the whole country.

There is a question to Punjab Kisan Unions, if they are true crusaders for farmers right, why did not and why they are not opposing Punjab Contract farming Act which is already in force in Punjab since 2013. Why Tikait never talks about this act when defaming agriculture bills proposed by centre.

This whole Farmers’ Protest concept is not a brain child of a farmer leader or leaders, they are just a pawn in the whole chess board and is not for the rights of farmers at all. The moves are well planned and have a long term political agenda to uproot a popular Govt by proving it inefficient in handling Covid situation as the did it in US by creating a havoc and using that havoc in spreading Covid thus ultimately establishing that Trump was inefficient to handle Covid which was one of the reasons for him loosing elections.

But despite all these shortcomings the Govt managed to bring down the numbers, so they decided a new strategy to shot up this coming down numbers with an effort to spread it to villages which otherwise was unaffected. By making a call that from each districts people come on turns, will achieve their goals to make country’s situation pitiable as the fast growing infection numbers will turn medical machinery to the rubble which already is crumbling due to the ever increasing growth in cases.

So wake up call for those ‘I support farmers’. The Agriculture Contract Farming act is already in force in Punjab since 2013. How many of the Farmers in Punjab has lost their land to Adani and Ambani since then. Just pause and ponder. This ‘Kisan Andolan’ is a part of larger strategy, just like CAA, triple talaq etc. were.

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