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farmer protest against farm bills

Why every non-violent protest shouldn’t be supported in guise of spirit of Democracy; Demands need to be scrutinize without any bias

When a non-violent protest happens, people see it as a tenet of democracy and no matter how illogical and irrational demands are, they become fearful that if they speak against it, they would be speaking against the spirit of democracy itself.

BLM protests – Farmers’ protest

Such agitations thrive on the fears of the down trodden and run by those who were thriving on those fears for meeting political ends as the final goal.

The economic impact of India’s new Farm Laws

If one simply goes by political aims and manifestos, these farm laws were required 15 years ago and imperative 10 years ago.

किसान आंदोलन की खुलती पोल

तमाम सबूतों को ध्यान में रखते हुए भारत सरकार को बड़ी संजीदगी एवं योजना बद्ध तरीके से इस तथाकथित आंदोलन को समाप्त करने के लिए ठोस कदम उठाने की आवश्यकता है।

दिल्ली में किसानों के वेश में गुंडों-दंगाइयों-आतंकियों का हिंसक प्रदर्शन

गणतंत्र-दिवस के दिन इन्होंने अपनी काली करतूतों से समस्त देशवासियों का सिर पूरी दुनिया में झुका दिया है। इतिहास इन्हें कभी माफ़ नहीं करेगा।

Part-6: Are the protests non-political?

While the ruling party has accused the Congress, SAD and AAP of both promising and supporting changes in APMC earlier and now walking back on their word, these parties in turn accuse the BJP of the same hypocrisy of opposing farm law reform during Congress rule.

Part-1: Introduction to Indian agriculture reforms

Part 1 of a 9 part series: Doleouts, subsidies and lack of foresight has meant that Indian agriculture has deteriorated into a logjam of vested interests trying to push forward their interests at any cost, with little regard to the welfare of the poor farmers on the ground or their own future.

तौल में “ग्राम संख्या को सम्मिलत ना करने” एवम् “छूट काटने” जैसी कुप्रथाओ के कारण से किसानो को दशकों से होता आ रहा नुकसान

मंडी के क्षेत्र में काफी रिसर्च करने के बाद, कई बिंदु ऐसे निकल के आये जिन कारण से किसानो को नुकसान उठाना पड़ता है। इस पूरे शोध कार्य को अपने लोगो ने उत्तर प्रदेश के आलू किसानो के सन्दर्भ से किया है।

Who gets to decide?

Who gets to decide: If there are number of farmers protesting these laws, there are also other farmers who appear to be satisfied with the new laws and want them to remain in-forced.

Central subsidy through MSP, and the pampered Punjab farmers

It comes as a shock to many that Punjab IS NOT the most wheat producing state in India. That honour goes to Uttar Pradesh.

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