Thursday, July 18, 2024
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BLM protests – Farmers’ protest

Such agitations thrive on the fears of the down trodden and run by those who were thriving on those fears for meeting political ends as the final goal.

Soft terrorism- The new weapon designed by communists and used by opposition

Farmers protests -25 victims and still counting: They are made to believe that they are sacrificing themselves for a cause and brainwashed to go to the extremity of sacrificing lives or taking lives.

Is it really farmers against Govt?

The opposition is playing a very dangerous game of fear and false narrative politics. First, an "experiment" was done on CAA. This time it is a "practical". Far more planned and very cautiously executed and at very high level.

Hijacking democracy- Since independence

The recent events in Maharasthra has shown the real face of this family and the values their party holds.

How smartly an age old party is being finished for ever by its new found friendly enemies

The state machinery is used to bully any one who raises his voice putting behind every book of law in the garbage. Never has been any state Govt so naive to do such acts which make them politically answerable.

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