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How smartly an age old party is being finished for ever by its new found friendly enemies

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The anarchy and utter disorder is the outcome when the govt is in the hands of people whose pasts are tainted as goons but due to virtue of their new masters, has come into power just to carry the show for their masters pup-petting them behind the curtains. And the best part is the puppets think they are the puppeteers and start giving statements which tarnish them only and the real puppeteer are having the last smile. If you look from the beginning since the Palghar incident the police and state machinery is used as a tool to accomplish tainted goals. So much so the puppeteers are accomplishing their goals without any hassle though being noticed. But they have nothing to loose because the govt is in the name of novices whose political carrier will be finished for ever.

In this way the puppeteer is achieving two goals

—one finishing an old age political enemy without even fighting it but by holding their hand which is not in support but to taint the counterpart with all the wrong doings now being carried out in the state. Has the puppeteer being the govt head such mayhem would not have been allowed—–secondly winning the odd minority vote bank silently through PalGarh like incidents displaying how safe the minorities are even if they do the heinous of crimes.

Just for a second, think how can be a person, who has been smart enough for so many years to so called vanish the drug mafia in the state, be so naive to file an an FIR on the basis of a document which doesn’t have the accused name in it. It can only be happen if he is in hand with gloves with puppeteer that do what ever it takes to tarnish the image of Shiv Sena. Do what falsehood can be done in the name of law to show that their is utter anarchy as if his retirement benefits are already settled in advance even if he gets suspended which he sure will be sooner or later due to court verdicts or political pressures.

The state machinery is used to bully any one who raises his voice putting behind every book of law in the garbage. Never has been any state Govt so naive to do such acts which make them politically answerable. But here in Maharashtra we have it all because just for the lust of highest chair, the puppets has forgotten that they have put on stake the very basis on which they were entitled to gain the chair. The chair was out of reach and in process to grab it they have left the very safeguard that was keeping them in the race of chair, to grab that chair and forgot nothing will be their to hold them when they fall back. The puppeteer came into picture and extended his hand to the puppet and pull him on the chair and went behind the curtains. The sinister design started rolling, because now puppeteer can do what he wants without coming into picture and puppet becoming the face has to loose everything.

One by one the puppeteer pulled his agents out of coffin to create mayhem in the state because he has nothing to fear. There is a puppet who will take the fall.

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