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Hijacking democracy- Since independence

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One political family holds the dubious record of hijacking democracy time and again. This family’s lust of power has costed India a great deal. The members of this family boasts of being most democratic and created a huge hue and cry in recent times that democracy is being compromised but in reality their personal interests were being compromised. Instead it itself has a history of hijacking and demolishing democracy since its inception in Indian political system.

Time and again they have used shrewd tactics for grabbing power, misusing power and retaining power. Now looking at the history one would realise they are political mafia which in course of retaining power done greater damage to the state. To begin with, first they hijacked the congress by using Mahtama and ousting leaders like Bose. Then they hijacked the freedom movement in their name by demeaning the great independence fighters like Bhagat singh and many as terrorists, Bose as war criminals and conspired to defunct leaders like Veer Savarkar. Then they hijacked the country’s govt by forcing Sardar Patel to step down for post of prime minister ship in 1946 for the first interim Govt of Independent India though 11 votes were in favour of Sardar Patel against one in favour of its counterpart. In 1947 for hunger of Prime Minister ship this family chose to divide India. Had there been no tussle between Jinnah and Nehru, India would not have divided.

Continuing this legacy of political bullying and hijacking democracy their successors were no less. Emergency was imposed in the country for ruthlessly crushing the opposition. The constitution was modified time and again by superseding the parliament for meeting political goals. The insertion of word secularism, Reservation amendment act are the few examples among many.

So and so the biggest political party has been hijacked by this family since independence. And now their true face has been unmasked again in Maharashtra. They have shown to country that how they have remained in power and ruled India. Had it been not india this family would have run dictatorship which they are doing now in Maharashtra. Its only that now days we have social media, God knows how many Arnabs they must have crushed over the years which never surfaced in public domain.

The recent events in Maharasthra has shown the real face of this family and the values their party holds. Now one can imagine how this family/party would have conspired to implicate the then CM of Maharashtra Mr Narendra Modi in Ishrat jahan case just to crush him because he was an imminent threat to their political supremacy. One can now easily understand the whole chronology of events leading to the conspiracy to implicate Sadhvi Pragya and Col purhit in Malegaon train blast just to run vicious campaign to malign RSS and ideology of Hindutva in the name of Bhagwa terror. At that time also the ruling party NCP. One can imagine how much brutality would have been meted out to Sadhvi Pragya and Col Purohit while imprisonment by their spine less pet. This all now also forces one to think why 26/11 was able to happen in Maharashtra. Was their some connivance at that time also.

Arnab Goswami has done great benefit to the country by exposing the political mafia face of this family and party its allies and much greater benefit to Maharashtra by exposing real character of Shiv Sena.

Now its time that the Court should intervene to prevail justice other wise people will loose faith on law and order system of the country.

And one afterthought about the blatant use of power by Maha police in Arnab case how high handed Maharashtra police would be to common public. It must be a night mare for the common public living in Maharashtra to go to a police station for seeking justice.

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