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Soft terrorism- The new weapon designed by communists and used by opposition

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In recent times globally we have witnessed protests leading to anarchy and mayhem, so much was the severity and widespread of the protests that even a country like US was brought down to knees. India is facing this same problem. This new lethal weapon is devised by the communists all over the world under the garb of constitutional rights of a country. Earlier these communists were fueling protests using weapons but now powered by urban naxalites who are appointed from all walks of life are achieving their goals with great preciseness and planning. Now the protests become global with in days after being staged. Comrades mobilise the common man into the protests by various tactics among which fear tactic is foremost. This weapon is being sold to the opposition for using against the popular Govt. So lethal is this weapon, that it can change the whole election scenario (US General Elections), or bring down the Govt also.

So insidious is this tactic of soft terrorism is that it uses the victims as weapons to kill themselves. They are made to believe that they are sacrificing themselves for a cause and brainwashed to go to the extremity of sacrificing lives or taking lives. People having particular belief (religious, social or otherwise) are intrigued into the protests, especially the hard liners making them most lethal weapon to achieve the task of hardship on the victims even to the extent of taking their lives. (Already 25 people have died and murderers are all smiles. because more the deaths more is the success of protests, and best thing is no body can hold them responsible. Blame is to be set on the ruling party.)

The most recent example of this soft terrorism are protests against CAA where fear was instilled into the minds of Muslims and using this fear the comrades instilled gullible Muslims to sit on protests. Latest in the series is ongoing Farmers’ protest against three agriculture bills. So well organised are these protests that with in days it is highlighted on the Global stage. First the beneficiaries ( I wont say effected) are made to believe that the bills are anti farmers, by spreading false narrative. At second stage the student wing of comrades into action by making it a cultural even by way of songs and street shows. At third stage opposition swings into action by giving false statements against the bill. Side wise news anchors, intellectual cell and print media comes into action by reporting and commenting on the plight of the protesters.

None of these are trying to tell how the bills are wrong, because that is the whole idea to establish the narrative of instilling fear that bill is wrong. So much is the smartness of spreading the narrative that the very fear they are suffering from years is highlighted as the new outcome of these bills but under new garb. Farmers over the years are being exploited by the people running the Govt machinery (for passing MSP benefits in the biased manner), the Aartees (way of financing) and labour unions (using them for election vote bank). So naive are the farmers that they are made to forget this exploitation and made to imagine which has not happened and will not happen. They are made to believe which is not possible for eg. their land will be grabbed by the big houses. As far as land grabbing is concerned, it was actually happening at large scale at the hands of builders under the UPA regime. But no one made a whim because at that time the Govt and communists were both hand in gloves. Wasn’t farmers at risk when most of the farmers were lured into selling their land to builders?

Most dangerous thing about this soft terrorism is that it is supported by the people who are responsible for maintaining law and order. People died in hard terrorism also and people are dying because of soft terrorism also. But in soft terrorism the accused is not visible as it is hiding in the garb of news anchors, free lance political activists and analysts, heads of unions, people at high seats in the judicial system and law and order agencies and fingers are turned on the Govt. These people don’t fear in lying and impose lies in such force-full manner that it outshines the truth. There is no punishment for spreading lies, all you have to do is say sorry in the court. But what about the loss of lives, public property, inconvenience to the general public. Their is no accountability for that.

Its now time that new laws should be formed to establish accountability for the loss of lives, livelihood, public property due to these protests and why should not be. When any mishap happens under the jurisdiction of the institution, the head of the institution is held responsible, then why not people who are organising these protest, shall be held responsible for not ensuring the safe-guard to the lives of the people joining the protests, or the loss of property or loss of livelihood because of the these protest.

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